Graduate Student

Effects of Extreme Events on Chondrichthyan Fishes in the Eastern Tropical Pacific
Hanna Mogensen's research focuses on assessing surface-water microplastics in the Hampton-Seabrook Estuary located in southern New Hampshire.
Microplastics in estuarine environments
Hanna Mogensen's research focuses on assessing surface-water microplastics in the Hampton-Seabrook Estuary located in southern New Hampshire.
Biology education
Daniel Mitchell studies the persistence and retention of undergraduate biology students with a special focus on high-impact learning practices, supports/barriers, and transfer students.
Cyanotoxins in freshwater food webs
The goal of Katie Low's thesis research is to track the movement of a naturally-produced neurotoxin (BMAA) through lake food webs in northwest Wyoming.
Distribution of endemic frogs in the British Virgin Islands Research
Creightanya Brewley's thesis project is centered on investigating the distribution and habitat requirements of the endemic frogs of the British Virgin Islands, especially the endangered Virgin Islands Coqui (Eleutherodactylus schwartzi).
Preparing for a career protecting vulnerable ecological communities
A passion for wildlife and its habitats has been propelling Grace McCulloch out of bed very early this summer. On weekday mornings, Grace wakes at 3:30 a.m. and heads to one of the many sites in New Hampshire where she’s studying the birds that depend on the climate-change-threatened saltmarsh...
A Rising Tide? The role of social networks for women oyster farmers in Maine and New Hampshire
Natalie Lord is pursuing her master’s degree in environmental conservation and sustainability and plans to apply her skills and knowledge to a career in marine science management.
Developing better ways to monitor marine habitats
Grant Milne graduated from Thiel College in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in conservation biology and a Bachelor of Arts in biology before joining COLSA's biological sciences: marine biology Ph.D. program. The Portville, New York native, who once had a gray seal chew on his fin while he was SCUBA...
Mental health and wellbeing of grad students is focus
In September, graduate students, faculty and staff participated in a seminar lead by Elisa Bolton, director of Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS), about the mental health and wellbeing of graduate students.
Ready to Take Aim at Cancer
Hannah Duperry ’20, ‘21G received her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and behavior with a minor in psychology and her master’s degree in molecular and cellular biotechnology (MCBT) from UNH.  The MCBT program is a professional master’s program that requires one year of academic work followed by...
Diving into Diet and Mental Health
Sophie Kenny '19, '20G, '22G earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition: nutrition and wellness and a graduate certificate in the didactic program in dietetics from UNH and is now a master’s student in nutritional sciences at the university.
The Impact of Human-Induced Noise on Animals
New research from Nicole Abate ‘20G that examines the effects of different types of noise on crickets’ movement and mating  was recently published in Metaleptea, the orthopterists’ society’s newsletter.