Davis-White Lot

davis white lot

The Davis-White property was bequeathed as a part of a large land gift to the University in 1939 by Frank S. Lord, a prominent resident of Carroll County. These properties were given so as to benefit the students of Carroll County and to help fulfill the University’s research and educational goals. This lot is periodically harvested as part of UNH’s sustainable timber harvesting program and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of timber goes towards scholarships for Carroll County students. This area was harvested in winter 2014-2015 to release advanced regeneration and promote the growth of desirable crop trees.

The Davis-White property is approximately 20 acres and is mostly flat. Forest composition includes a variety of commonly occurring species including white pine, hemlock and a mix of hardwoods. The extensive frontage on the Lovell river has provided research opportunities examining fish and aquatic invertebrate habitat.


From Durham, take the Spaulding Turnpike north to Center Ossipee, (approx. 48 miles). Take a left at Pine Hill road, (a shopping plaza is at the intersection). Take Pine Hill Road for 2 miles, you'll come to an intersection of Pine Hill road and an another gravel road. To get to the woods road near the northeast corner, go about .15 miles from the gravel road intersection south to telephone pole # 934/25. This pole is about 15 feet south of the corner and road.

APPROXIMATE LOCATION: N 43°47.171', W 71°12.201'