Davis Park


woods, Davis Park

Davis park property along Wiswall Road (1998).


Davis Park is a 10.5 acre property found on the border of Durham and Lee, NH. It was recently used to study wound response in maple trees and predator abundance.


The property was acquired by Fred E. Davis in the early thirties and was originally forested with American chestnut (Castanea dentata). After the chestnut blight the property was considered to be low quality for university standards and not the model forest the donor intended it to be. In 1938 the university, along with the forestry club, pruned trees, cut some cordwood, and conducted some systematic experimental planting. Today, the property contains many species not normally found in natural stands in this region and is often used by dendrology classes for this reason.

Present Uses

It is currently used by UNH for educational purposes.


From Durham, take Mill Road to Packers Fall Road. Turn left onto Packers Fall Road to Wiswall Road. Turn right onto Wiswall Road. Continue down Wiswall Road for about 3/4 mile. The property will be on your left.

APPROXIMATE LOCATION: N 43°06.169', W 70°58.653