West Foss Farm

Woods road, West Foss Farm

Woods road, West Foss Farm, June 1998



West Foss Farm, approximately 91.8 acres in size, is located off of Mill Road in Durham, NH. The easiest access to this property is by a trail located off of Mill Road beginning at the edge of a red pine stand and following the railroad tracks, until it reaches a large open field. There are two small ponds located on the edge of this field. Townspeople and University students use this area extensively for various types of recreation and educational research.


The University of New Hampshire acquired West Foss Farm in 1923 from the Boston and Maine Railroad company. East Foss Farm , which borders West Foss Farm, was acquired at the same time. Originally when the land was bought it was managed as a farmland, until UNH designated the land for research and educational purposes shortly after they acquired the land.

Present Use

West Foss Farm is presently open to the public for recreation. The property is used for mountain biking, walking, running, and cross-country skiing. Proximity to campus and unique vegetation types make this a popular choice for UNH class lab trips. Timber harvesting activity has occurred in 2004, 2006 and 2013. The most recent activity is part of a regional initiative to create early successional habitat for New England Cottontails, a threatened species.


Take Mill Road in Durham south until you reach the bridge that goes over railroad tracks. Take the immediate left over bridge onto a dirt road. After the gate, the dirt road will bring you to West Foss Farm.

Approximate Location: 43°07'42.8"N 70°56'20.6"W

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