EcoQuest: Study Abroad in Aotearoa New Zealand

EcoQuest: Study Abroad in Aotearoa New Zealand
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In partnership with the EcoQuest Education Foundation Te Rarangahau Taiao in Aotearoa New Zealand, the UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture is proud to offer two incredible study abroad programs in conservation ecology and sustainable agriculture and food systems in a unique country in the farthest corner of the Pacific Ocean.

Both programs, Ecology in Action and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Aotearoa, combine rigorous academic pursuit and place-based, hands-on learning. In EcoQuest’s sustainable and vibrant learning community, you will expand your intellectual curiosity and practical skills and widen your capacity for critical thinking.

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The interactive Ecology in Action programs immerse students in a rigorous field-based program. Participants study restoration ecology and resource management and environmental policy and sustainability with opportunities to contribute to local conservation and resource management initiatives.
The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Aotearoa is a semester-long program that covers systems thinking, agroecology, sustainable land use, environmental accountability, water quality and biodiversity — all elements that underpin the pathways to resilient food systems.

Each year, students with diverse academic backgrounds from UNH, along with other universities and colleges across the United States, journey to Aotearoa New Zealand and develop skills and tools to make a difference anywhere on the globe.

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Since 1999, EcoQuest and COLSA’s Department of Natural Resources and the Environment has delivered the Ecology in Action programs. In 2019, we expanded our collaboration to include a new program, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Aotearoa, delivered in partnership with COLSA’s Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Systems. Programs are accredited by UNH and are open to highly motivated students from around the world.

“EcoQuest is, without a doubt, one of the most formative
experiences anyone could ever embark on.”

Alexis Blanchard ‘20
Wildlife and Conservation Biology major