Choosing A Major

  • Pre-health professions (pre-medical, pre-dental, etc.) are not majors at UNH (or at most universities)
  • There is no single "best" major for gaining admission to health professions schools
  • Professional healthcare programs seek to build diverse classes and accept students from many different majors
  • It is most important to choose a major based upon interest and aptitude
  • Students have been admitted to health professions programs from majors in all five colleges at UNH
    • Some examples include the natural sciences such as the biological or physical sciences, or mathematics; and the social sciences and humanities such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, classics, arts, and political science

Science vs. Non-Science Major

  • The specific major is of minimal importance to an admission committee
  • Courses required for application to these schools can be integrated into the curriculum of most majors
  • For non-science majors, it is important to demonstrate an ability to handle the rigor of multiple lab sciences in the same semester
  • For science majors, it is important to incorportate courses in the humanities and social sciences