Inspired: Research Reports from the NH Agricultural Experiment Station

Inspired: Research Reports from the NH Agricultural Experiment Station

An important mission of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station is to ensure that our research reaches the individuals and communities for which the findings can be most impactful. INSPIRED is a publication of the NHAES that has the goal of sharing the latest knowledge with communities that will most benefit from that knowledge. Each issue contains short research briefs that describe key insights and data from NHAES research projects conducted over the past several years. You can view each issue online.

The summer/fall 2023 report examines our local food markets and food providers, including studying barriers to farm viability. This issue also covers nutritional and food access issues among Granite Staters, including for New Hampshire’s Bhutanese refugee population and its emerging adults. Finally, it covers topics of population change and diversification.

Summer/Fall 2023 Edition

The summer 2022 report covers agriculture-related research – including best practices for growing table grapes, eggplants and Brussels sprouts in New England; advancements in wild and ornamental strawberry genomics; and an examination of using seafood byproducts as bio-pesticides.

Summer 2022 Edition

The winter 2021 report covers a diverse set of issues facing the dairy sector in the Granite State and northern New England, including advantages of feeding red clover or alfalfa grass, effects of adding the supplement Selenium to cow diets, and the performance-related impacts of feeding sodium butyrate to heifers.

Winter 2021 Edition