Lord Farm

lord farm image

The Lord Farm property was bequeathed as a part of a large land gift to the University in 1939 by Frank S. Lord, a prominent resident of Carroll county. These properties were given so as to benefit the students of Carroll County and to help

fulfill the University’s research and educational goals. This lot is periodically harvested as part of UNH’s sustainable timber harvesting program and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of timber goes towards scholarships for Carroll County students. Professors use these properties as outdoor classrooms and our researchers use them for study.

The Lord Farm is approximately 450 acres and has varied terrain, from rocky ridge to wetland. Mixed forests of white pine, hemlock and various hardwoods grow here and wildlife including moose and black bear are abundant. As with most large properties in this area, there are numerous relics of historic home-sites and pasturing, such as cellar holes and stonewalls. Although rattlesnake mountain, the high spot on this property, does not have a trail to the top, local hikers visit here for the excellent views of the surrounding Ossipee mountains and Ossipee lake.


Take the Spaulding Turnpike north to Center Ossipee, (approximately 48 miles). Take a left at Pine Hill Road, (a shopping plaza is at the intersection). Follow the gravel road until you see a pond on your right. The boundary of Lord Farm runs through this pond and the access is immediately beyond the pond off the right side of the road. Access can also be obtained off Drew road.

APPROXIMATE LOCATION: N 43°47.258', W 71°11.775'