Careers in Biomedical Science

The Biomedical Science program is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers by focusing on fundamental concepts in biological sciences as they apply to human and animal health, medicine, and disease. The BMS major encompasses three options: medical laboratory sciences (MLS), medical microbiology (MM), and medical and veterinary sciences (MVS). Each of the options in the BMS major is based on solid foundational and advanced courses in chemistry and the biological sciences. BMS:MLS focuses on the laboratory diagnosis of human disease, BMS:MM focuses on infectious agents and host response, and BMS:MVS focuses on health and manifestations of disease in animals, including humans.

The Biomedical Science degree is outstanding academic preparation for:

  • Medical and veterinary schools, M.S. and Ph.D. programs, physician assistant programs
  • Certification as a medical laboratory scientist
  • Research scientist/laboratory technician positions in hospitals, government labs, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies.

Alumni Career Success: Medical Laboratory Science

Alumni Career Success: Medical Microbiology

Alumni Career Success: Medical and Veterinary Sciences

Department Of Labor, BLS Career Data: Biomedical Scientists

Employment Areas Job Title Examples
  • Research and Development
  • Healthcare
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Relations, Communications, Sales
  • Public Health & Regulatory Affairs
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Research Assistant
  • Process Development Specialist
  • Manufacturing Associate
  • Research and Development Associate
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Veterinary Assistant

*The representation is sourced from the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The website links are provided as a guide and do not represent a complete picture of a chosen career field or geographic area. To garner a thorough understanding of an industry of choice, researching multiple sources and speaking with professionals in the field is recommended.

Median salary data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is the median for all employed in the field and not entry-level salary.