New Applicant Cycle

New Applicant:

You are considered a New Applicant if you

  1. have never opened a file with the UNH Pre-Professional Health Programs Advising Office, or
  2. opened a file in a previous cycle but did not interview with the UNH Committee.


You are considered a Reapplicant if you

  1. interviewed with the UNH Committee and submitted applications but were not admitted to medical or dental school, or
  2. delayed your application after you had already interviewed with the UNH Committee.

Reapplicants, see here for forms and deadlines.

New Applicant Forms and Deadlines

Application Items

Due Date


New Applicant Committee Requirements Document  Jan 12, 2024 
New Applicant Form  Jan 12, 2024
  • Opens in 9/14/23

Work & Activities Resume

Jan 19, 2024
  • Upload Word document to Canvas 
Standard Resume Jan 19, 2024
  • Upload Word document to Canvas 
Personal Statement Feb 16, 2024
  • Upload Word document to Canvas 

All Transcripts
UNH and any others

Feb 16, 2024
  • Must submit UNH and dual enrollment courses taken at a community college while you were in high school.

Letters of Recommendation

Feb 16, 2024
MCAT/DAT June 30, 2024
  • You must take your first MCAT/DAT by this date
    • Retakes can be taken at a later date

New Applicant Timeline


  • Attend Applicant Meeting.
  • Review the required documents and the accompanying links on this page.
  • Familiarize yourself with the MCAT or DAT exam and set plans for studying and preparation.
  • Create an Interfolio account.
    • You MUST link your account to the Pre-Professional Health Advising Office. This can be done easily by creating your account here.



  • New Applicant Form
  • Work & Activities resume
  • Standard resume
    • Include everything relevant to your Medical or Dental school application; this can be longer than one page.
  • Ordering transcripts from previous institutions attended
    • DO NOT order your UNH transcripts yet
  • Investigating how you will finance your Medical or Dental education

Letters of Recommendation

  • Review the Letter of Evaluation Tips for Applicants.
  • Request your Letters of Recommendation.
    • Identify and meet with your letter writers to gauge their interest in writing a letter for you.
    • Send Letter Requests and Guidelines for Writers to your letter writers through Interfolio.

Entrance Exams

  • Begin to prepare for the entrance exam (MCAT or DAT), if you have not already.
  • Research and apply for the MCAT Fee Assistance Program or DAT Fee Waiver.
  • You MUST take your entrance exam by the end of May to be eligible for a committee letter.
    • We recommend taking your exam between January and April; this gives you enough time to:
      • Decide whether you should delay your application.
      • Study for an early summer retake if necessary.
      • Decide which schools to apply to.

November & December

  • Work on materials with deadlines in January
    • New Applicant Form
    • Work & Activities Resume
    • Standard Resume
  • Plan for February file completion deadline
    • Request your Letters of Recommendation, if you haven't already.
    • Begin working on your Personal Statement.


  • Submit your:
    • New Applicant Form
    • Work & Activities Resume
    • Standard Resume
  • Order a copy of your Official UNH Transcript
  • Register for the MCAT or DAT, if you plan to take it in April or May


  • Submit your:
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Personal Statement
    • Transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions attended

March & April

  • Interviews with the Pre-Professional Health Advising Committee start in March and end in April
  • One-on-one interview with a Pre-Professional Health Advising Committee member


  • Your MCAT or DAT exam must be taken by the end of June
  • Primary applications for AMCASAACOMASTMDSAS, and ADEA AADSAS open in mid-May, you should begin working on your applications as early as possible.
    • Request your Composite Committee Letter Packet from the Pre-Professional Health Advisor.  You will receive instructions on how to do this.


  • Your MCAT or DAT exam must be taken by the end of May
    • June 30th is the latest date you can take your exam and still receive a Composite Committee Letter
  • We recommend submitting your completed applications before the end of June to make sure you are in the first batch of applications reviewed by the admissions committees
  • The Pre-Professional Health Advisor will begin submitting Composite Committee Letter Packets as they are completed by the Committee Chairs