Madison Lot

The Madison Lot property was bequeathed as a part of a large land gift to the University in 1939 by Frank S. Lord, a prominent resident of Carroll county. These properties were given so as to benefit the students of Carroll County and to help fulfill the University’s research and educational goals. This lot is periodically harvested as part of UNH’s sustainable timber harvesting program and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of timber goes towards scholarships for Carroll County students. Professors use these properties as outdoor classrooms and our researchers use them for study.

The Madison Lot is approximately 35 acres. This is UNH’s only example of a pitch-pine/scrub oak community and is regularly used by ecology classes. This property has in the past provided a number of research opportunities for the university primarily focused upon the effects of prescribed fire in successive growing season burns.


From Durham, take Route 16 (the Spaulding Turnpike) north to Route 41 in Ossipee. Take 41 north to Madison and travel 3.3 miles. Then take the dirt road on your left for 0.1 miles to a R.O.W. blocked by a pile of gravel. This is the access to the Madison Lot.

APPROXIMATE LOCATION: N 43°51.942', W 71°11.253'