General Outline

Below is the general timetable for the application process that all UNH applicants--undergrads, grad students, alums, continuing education students--need to follow if they plan to request the Health Professions Advisory Committee Letter of Evaluation when applying to schools. Any applicant planning to request a UNH Committee Letter of Evaluation must abide by UNH timelines and procedures for completing files and Committee interviews.

Medical, Dental, and Podiatric admissions committees expect a Committee Letter of Evaluation from the applicant’s undergraduate (or graduate institution).

(The Committee Letter of Evaluation is not a standard requirement for applicants to Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy programs. These programs follow a different application process/timeline. Applicants should consult with the respective schools and/or application services for information on specific procedures and timelines.)


  • Step 1 Begin assembling an applicant file at the Health Professions (HP) Advising Office during the fall semester two years prior to when you plan to matriculate; during a student's junior year if they plan to go directly into medical/dental school after graduation or during the senior year if the student plans on taking time off after graduation. The file consists of a personal essay, resumes, at least three letters of recommendation, and transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • Step 2 Interview (required for medical and dental school applicants) on campus with the Health Professions Advisory Committee during the following spring semester.
  • Step 3; Take the MCAT (medical) or DAT (dental) exam no later than the end of May of the year you interview with the HP committee.
  • Step 4 In June, submit a completed preliminary application to the appropriate application service: AMCAS for M.D. programs, AACOMAS for D.O. programs or AADSAS for dental programs. The preliminary applications are available on the web a month beforehand.
  • Step 5 Request your Committee Letter packet from the Health Professions Advising Office. Your Committee letter is written by a member of the Committee and draws upon the contents of your application file (see Step 1) and your interviews with Committee members. Your letter will not be finalized until MCAT/DAT scores are received. If you can not take the entrance exam by the end of May, you must consult with the Health Professions Office.
  • Step 6 Complete Secondary Applications throughout the summer. Several weeks after submitting your preliminary application, you will receive individual, secondary applications from the schools that you specified an interest in on your preliminary application. Once your secondaries are received, schools will decide whether or not they wish to invite you to campus for an interview. (fall-spring)
  • Step 7 Students will hear from schools throughout the fall, winter, and spring with rejections, wait-list offers or offers of admission.
  • Step 8 Once you hear from schools on their decision, begin financial planning if admitted, or consider reapplication if not admitted.