Why UNH-in-Italy?

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for American students studying abroad. Why choose UNH-in-Italy from all of the options available?


The City

  • UNH-in-Italy is located in central Italy, 30 minutes from the Adriatic coast.  Our "campus" is the magical, unspoiled city of Ascoli Piceno.  
  • We describe Ascoli Piceno as the Goldilocks of locations - not too big and not too small.  Not too chaotic with tourists but still bustling with activity.  The provincial capital provides students a rare opportunity to experience an "undiscovered gem" of an Italian city.
  • Ascoli Piceno features a gorgeous historic center, amazing food, and lively cultural traditions.  Read more about this fascinating city in this 2022 article.
  • Easy access to the mountains, the beach, and transportation routes to support personal travel to the rest of Italy and Europe
cobblestone street in Italy


The Cost

  • UNH in Italy values the cost of higher education and works hard to offer students an affordable, yet fulfilling study abroad experience.  As a result, our program is very affordable compared to other study abroad programs in Italy.
  • Students pay UNH tuition and program fees that cover housing and all program-related excursions  
  • All regular financial aid and scholarships apply
  • During a study abroad semester, most UNH student services fees are waived.  As a result, spending a semester studying with UNH in Italy can be less expensive than a regular term in Durham

The Courses

  • Courses centered around culinary traditions, agriculture, and the larger food system 
  • No Italian language background needed
  • Course offerings include multiple discovery requirements, as well as the ability to satisfy the foreign language requirement (in a semester) for students pursuing a BA degree
  • All courses offered are UNH courses - no need to worry about the transferability of courses
  • Our semester- and summer-long programs are approved to fulfill the International Experience requirement of the Dual Major in Ecogastronomy
  • Interested in the Minor in Nutrition? Our courses with the "NUTR" prefix can be used to fulfill the requirements toward the Nutrition Minor
  • Complete up to two courses toward the Culinary Nutrition and Food Studies Minor

The Support

  • The UNH-in-Italy Program is a UNH-managed program.  On a UNH-managed study abroad program:
    • A UNH faculty member serves as program director on-site or on UNH campus, or both
    • Students study abroad with other UNH students, as well as other US and international students, in many cases
    • Courses are aligned with UNH curricula, making it easy to fulfill UNH Major, Minor, and Discovery requirements
    • Students pay UNH tuition plus a program fee that typically covers room, board, and excursions
    • Students are eligible to apply their federal financial aid and most scholarships toward the cost of the program
  • Because UNH administers the program, registration, finances, and other logistics are streamlined and simple

  • Students have the opportunity to work with UNH faculty and staff before, during, and after their experience