Graduate Student

Committed to fighting food insecurity
Claire Reilly is a master’s student in the nutrition and dietetics program. From Westborough, Massachusetts, she earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Auburn University.
Seeking connections between diet and health
Anne Bodenrader is a nutritional sciences doctoral candidate from Pelham, New Hampshire. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Dartmouth College and bachelor’s degree in nutrition: dietetics from UNH.
An Interest in Educating Others
Anthony Kyriakides a master’s student in the nutrition and dietetics program. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in dietetics and applied nutrition from Johnson & Wales University.
At the intersection of nutrition, health and the gut microbiome
Brandy Moser '26G is a nutritional sciences doctoral candidate from Northampton, Pennsylvania.
Preparing for a career in nutritional epidemiology
Rawan AlSarraf ’27G is a doctoral candidate in the nutritional sciences Ph.D. program.
Behavioral Effects of Ocean Acidification and Warming
UNH marine biology student Todd Selling studies potential behavioral changes that the American lobster may experience as a result of ocean acidification and ocean warming.
Mangrove Habitat Restoration
Nia Jeffers research area is mangrove habitat restoration and management with a focus in mangrove restoration methodology.
Texas Coastal Fisheries and Extreme Events
Ana Silverio uses long-term independent and dependent fisheries catch data from Texas Parks and Wildlife and quantitative tools to look at how extreme events affect coastal fish populations along the Texas Gulf Coast.
Aquaculture of Wildemania Amplissima
Riplee Mercer's research examines a species of nori called Wildemania amplissima and how it can be used in aquaculture in New England.
Marine Mammal Bioacoustics
Melanie Smith studies how acoustic data can help us to better understand the ecology and behavior of marine mammals, specifically humpback whales in Southeast Alaska
Using acoustics to monitor dense populations of animals
Valerie Eddington is studying the integration of acoustic and quantitative ecology to investigate new methods for monitoring dense populations of animals.
Environmental Stressors on Blue Mussels
Kyrie Newby is studying the effect of different environmental stressors, including ocean acidification, ocean warming, the presence of invasive species, and more on the blue mussel Mytilus edulis.