Macfarlane Research Greenhouses

Macfarlane Research Greenhouses

With many users at our greenhouse research facility, it is critical to ensure that we have knowledge of all ongoing and planned activities in order to ensure compatibility and to coordinate resources required to provide support and facilitation as needed. Importantly, we have responsibility for compliance with federal, state, university and local regulations, and to ensure safety for our staff, students, faculty and visitors.

To request the use of the Macfarlane Research Greenhouse facilities, please complete the Macfarlane Research Greenhouse use request form

In the form, you will be asked to provide information about the proposed project well in advance, so that we can evaluate our abilities to accommodate your requested use of facilities and resources.  The completed form will be submitted to the farm manager, Evan Ford, and the NHAES director, Anton Bekkerman, for review and approval based on availability resources, potential impacts on existing and planned activities, budgetary ramifications, and related management considerations. 

The NHAES Director's office will notify the requestor of a decision along with any qualifications, stipulations and/or requirements. You may be asked to visit with the Facility Manager(s) and/or the NHAES Director’s Office to clarify intended activities and requirements so that we may better serve your needs.  

Please be aware that full adherence to all relevant regulations, institutional approvals and compliance requirements (for example, is the responsibility of the individual facility user. Supporting documentation must be provided before any use is permitted.

For questions, please contact the Macfarlane Greenhouse manager, Matt Biondi by email or phone, 862-2061.

With more than 25,000 square feet of greenhouse space, the Macfarlane Research Greenhouses are dedicated to research and teaching associated with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station and College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

The facility provides highly controlled environments for a diversity of research projects, including ornamental and food crop breeding, sustainable ornamental plant nutrition and development, biological pest control, bioremediation, and plant genetic diversity as well as substantial graduate instructional activities. The greenhouse environments are monitored and precisely regulated through a computer-based control system that creates a sustainable growing environment through the conservation of heat, electricity, water and fertilizer, and increased plant resistance to insect pests and diseases.

In addition to on-campus research and teaching, the greenhouse facility is a significant resource for teaching and outreach to our local communities and horticultural professionals across the country. Our annual Spring Open House engage the general public in ongoing research and increase overall awareness of local, sustainable horticultural production here at the university and throughout the region. 

The Macfarlane Research Greenhouses are on campus just off Main Street near A-Lot and the UNH Visitor Center.

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