A headshot of Becky Sideman, COLSA researcher

Rebecca Sideman

Department Chair
Phone: (603) 862-3203
Office: Agriculture, Nutrition & Food Systems, Kendall Hall Room 211, Durham, NH 03824

I joined UNH in 2004, and am currently Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition & Food Systems and a researcher with the NH Agriculture Experiment Station. Prior to 2023, I held a split appointment as Extension Specialist in Sustainable Horticulture. Before coming to UNH, I worked as a plant geneticist and lettuce breeder with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Salinas, California. I developed an appreciation for plants and agriculture on a highly diversified farm in Vermont.

My program takes an integrated approach to research & extension activities that focus on high-value specialty crop production & methods of extending the growing season for NH farmers. I am particularly interested in researching strategies to minimize production costs and ecological impacts, while producing economically viable yields of high-quality crops. Recent projects have focused on identifying new crops, cultivars and production practices, including season extension technologies, that expand opportunities for vegetable and berry production in northern New England.

Courses Taught

  • ANFS 997: ANFS Seminar
  • ANFS 999: Doctoral Research
  • SAFS 403: Green Thumb Workshop
  • SAFS 405: Sustainabl Agric & Food Produc
  • SAFS 795W: Investigations


  • Ph.D., Plant Breeding, Cornell University
  • B.A., Biological&Biomedical Sci.Rel., Dartmouth College

Research Interests

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Plant Breeding
  • Plant Genetics
  • Plant Sciences
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Selected Publications

  • Harris-Cypher, A., Roman, C., Higgins, G., Scheufele, S., Legrand, A., Wallingford, A., & Sideman, R. G. (2023). A Field Survey of Syrphid Species and Adult Densities on Annual Flowering Plants in the Northeastern United States.. Environ Entomol, 52(2), 175-182. doi:10.1093/ee/nvad016

  • Orde, K. M., Marini, R., Demchak, K., & Sideman, R. (2021). Albion Strawberry Responds to Mulch Treatments and Low Tunnels Covered with Photoselective Films. HortScience, 56(9), 1005-1014. doi:10.21273/hortsci15886-21

  • Orde, K. M., & Sideman, R. G. (2021). Winter Survival and Second-year Spring Yields of Day-neutral Strawberry Are Influenced by Cultivar and the Presence of Low Tunnels. HORTTECHNOLOGY, 31(1), 77-88. doi:10.21273/HORTTECH04734-20

  • Sideman, R. G. (2020). Colored Bell Pepper Yields from Cultivars Grown in High Tunnels in Northern New England. HORTTECHNOLOGY, 30(3), 456-462. doi:10.21273/HORTTECH04577-20

  • Orde, K. M., & Sideman, R. G. (2019). Low Tunnel and Cultivar Effects on Day-neutral Strawberry Yield and Characteristics in New Hampshire. HORTTECHNOLOGY, 29(6), 795-+. doi:10.21273/HORTTECH04317-19

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