URC 2022: Targeting BCL6 in Ovarian Cancer
Harrison Parent ’22 of Belmont, NH, is studying Biochemistry and Molecular/Cellular Biology at COLSA. He recently presented his research at the 2022...
URC 2022: Roadways and Predator Populations in Southeastern N.H.
Lara G. Santos ’22 is an environmental conservation and sustainability major from Stoneham, Mass. She presented her research at the 2022...
A Legacy Blazes Her Own Path
Emily Pratt ’23, ’24G is a biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology major from Beverly, Mass. During her time at UNH, won both a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and, most recently, the prestigious and coveted...
A future focused on helping people become in tune with their bodies
Joshua Morrison '23 is a nutrition: nutritional sciences option major from Hanson, Massachusetts.
Four years, two degrees
Megann Sullivan is currently pursuing her associate degree in veterinary technology and plans to move to the four-year biomedical sciences: medical and veterinary sciences major following graduation.
“So many benefits to eating a healthy, well-rounded diet”
Lauren Grabeau is a nutrition and wellness major from Nashua, New Hampshire. While she didn’t arrive at UNH intending to major in nutrition, she’s excited to have found a major that has inspired her and awakened her passion.
“Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health”
Halle Derouin is a nutrition: dietetics major and a culinary nutrition and food studies minor, and she is also enrolled in the accelerated nutritional sciences master’s program.
"There are so many reasons why nutrition is important"
Julia Melius is a nutritional sciences master’s student from Reading, Massachusetts. She graduated from UNH in 2021 with a degree in nutrition with a dietetics option.
"All foods fit!"
Rachel Goding is a graduate student in nutrition from Warwick, Rhode Island. She earned her B.S. in nutrition and wellness, as well as a minor in culinary nutrition and food studies.
"Nutrition is the foundation of health"
Ava Gaudette '24 is a nutrition major in the dietetics option from Bedford, New Hampshire.
Returning for the Degree that Fits
Dave Belanger is a forest technology major from Auburn, New Hampshire. He returned to UNH to pursue his associates degree almost a decade after leaving the university and enlisting in the Marine Corps.
Turning a love of the outdoors into a career
Nathaniel Cole ’22 is a Forest Technology major from Lebanon, New Hampshire. An avid outdoorsman who loves to fly fish, he is looking forward to a career preserving the health of the state’s forests.