Maegan Mannes ‘22

Hands-On Experience Too Important to Pass Up
UNH student Maegan Mannes '22

Maegan Mannes is a biomedical sciences: medical laboratory science major from Torrance, California.

COLSA: Please describe your job with ConvenientMD.

Maegan: Each student employee performs mid-turbinate swab of staff, faculty, contractors, etc. We also aided in pre-arrival swabbing of students before classes started. We are all trained using the computer system as well so that we can help with registration and check-in of the patients.

COLSA: Why did you apply for the job?

Maegan: I would like to work in infectious disease as a physician someday, and having this hands-on experience, especially on the front lines of a pandemic, was an opportunity I could not pass up.

COLSA: What is the most important or interesting thing you've learned so far?

Maegan: I have learned a greater appreciation for all the healthcare workers. I have worn an N95 for 10 hours a day for a week straight, and that was a lot. They have been wearing them for 15- to 20-hour days for months on end. I have so much respect for the healthcare heroes who are doing anything and everything they can do to treat the people who need it most.

COLSA: What does it mean to you to be on the front lines doing essential work to help manage the spread of COVID-19?

Maegan: It means everything to me. It is so important for me to be able to be here on campus with all my fellow Wildcats, and to be able to gain clinical exposure and experience while helping the community stay healthy and present.

COLSA: How has this experience been valuable for you?

Maegan: The entire ConvenientMD staff has been so amazing and have offered all of us undergraduate students such a valuable insight to the real world as health care professionals. They have taught us clinical skills, communication skills, and even application tips for those of us who want to attend PA and MD programs.

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