Madison Neathawk ‘21

The Priority is Helping Others
UNH student Madison Neathawk '21

Madison Neathawk is majoring in biomedical science: medical laboratory science and minoring in public health. She is from Swanzy, New Hampshire.

COLSA: Please describe your job with ConvenientMD.

Madison: I administered swab tests our community to help control the spread of COVID-19 so that our staff, faculty and students could have a successful school year.

COLSA: Why did you apply for the job?

Madison: I applied for the job both because this opportunity is great for my resumé, and I want to help our community stay safe.

COLSA: What is the most important or interesting thing you've learned so far?

Madison: The most important thing I’ve learned is how much you need to gear up to keep yourself safe and also keep the public safe.

COLSA: What does it mean to you to be on the front lines doing essential work to help manage the spread of COVID-19?

Madison: It means the world to me because I get to help people. I plan to become a nurse, and I love to help people. This job gave me the opportunity to help everyone stay healthy.

COLSA: How has this experience been valuable for you?

Madison: This experience has given me important clinical experience which will help with my career.

COLSA: Is there anything about being tested and/or UNH's testing program that you'd like the UNH community or others to know?

Madison: We are doing everything we can to help everyone stay in school and stay healthy.

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