Madison McEachern '23

Building Skills and Campus Connections
UNH student Madison McEachern

Madison McEachern is an animal science major from Burlington, Mass. She recently won $1,000 from the UNH Entrepreneurial Center’s i2 Passport Program, which encourages the development of innovative ideas and entrepreneurship and rewards students with prizes to help with loans and tuition.

A gymnast for 15 years, Madison is accustomed to challenging herself physically. Now, she’s also focused on challenging herself intellectually at UNH.

COLSA: Why did you choose UNH?

Madison McEachern: I decided on UNH because I felt that it had the best program for the Animal Science major, and I felt that it would give me the most opportunities to learn and grow.

COLSA: What's your major and what makes it so interesting to you?

Madison: My major is Animal Science. I have always wanted to study in the science field. I was not sure what I wanted to major in until high school but I have always had a passion for animals and I think it is so interesting to see all the different ways they can change our lives.

COLSA: During your time at UNH, what are you most proud of?

Madison: I am most proud of getting involved in so many different ways during my first year at UNH, including joining clubs and participating in the I2 Passport Program which allowed me to gain new experiences outside of my major.

COLSA: What led you to enroll in the i2 Passport Program?

Madison: I enrolled in the I2 Passport Program because I was part of the Idea & Innovation Society for the 2019-2020 year, and through the society I found out about the I2 Passport Program. It seemed like a good way to get more involved with campus events. So far I have participated in two semesters of I2 Passport at UNH and it has been a great way to meet new people and learn valuable skills.

COLSA: What has your experience in the program meant for you?

Madison: The program has allowed me to participate in events I would not have known about otherwise. It has allowed me to gain useful skills that can be used in any major or field. The program has also opened up new ideas for me and has allowed me to meet so many people from many different majors.

COLSA: How to do plan to apply what you’ve learned?

Madison: I plan to apply what I learned as I continue my journey at UNH. I have learned how to efficiently network, collaborate with peers and make my ideas go further. 

COLSA: How is UNH preparing you to achieve your goals?

Madison: UNH is preparing me to achieve my goals by giving me so many new and challenging opportunities and giving me the confidence to try new things and learn as many skills as I can during my time here.

COLSA: What do you love most about UNH?

Madison: I love the community, and I love how everyone is so friendly and encouraging.

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