Lauren Grabeau ’22

“So many benefits to eating a healthy, well-rounded diet”
UNH nutrition major Lauren Grabeau

Lauren Grabeau is a nutrition and wellness major from Nashua, New Hampshire. While she didn’t arrive at UNH intending to major in nutrition, she’s excited to have found a major that has inspired her and awakened her passion.

COLSA: What is your nutrition option and why did you choose it as your major?

Lauren Grabeau: I am in the nutrition and wellness option here at UNH. I came to UNH my freshman year undecided and had no clue what I wanted to do. The end of my sophomore year was approaching, and I needed to declare a major, so after talking with my advisor and discussing possibilities, he suggested nutrition.


I had not considered nutrition for a major, but after thinking about it I was intrigued but I knew I didn't want to be a dietitian. However, after taking more nutrition classes that I enjoyed, I couldn't think of any reason not to continue with it. I am so happy nutrition and wellness was an option because it allowed me to officially declare a major in something I truly enjoyed, and it also allows so much flexibility and opportunities.

COLSA: Why, in your own view, is nutrition important?

Lauren: There are so many benefits to eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, which is what makes nutrition important to keep us healthy and feel good every day. Along with eating a healthy diet that focuses more on whole foods rather than processed foods, it's also important to make sure to incorporate daily physical activity to make our body feel good and give us the energy we need.

COLSA: What do you love about the nutrition program at UNH?

Lauren: I love the nutrition program here because it provides so much flexibility in choosing a career path. This program gave me such a well-rounded education, and I got to learn so much about all of the potential careers in nutrition.

COLSA: What do you plan to do with your degree?

Lauren: I'm not exactly sure yet what I plan on doing with my degree after graduation. There are so many possibilities out there but right now I am most interested in sports nutrition.

COLSA: If you could offer one bit of nutrition advice, what would it be?

Lauren: Just think about what you are eating! We all love snacks and sweets but think about other options that can be healthier and still taste just as good.

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