The Waysmeet Center

Preceptor name: Reverend Larry Brickner-Wood, Chaplain and Executive Director                

Address: 15 Mill Rd, Durham, NH 03824

Site overview: The Waysmeet Center creates a space that supports and empowers individuals and the community. The Cornucopia Food Pantry is located in the Waysmeet center. The mission of the Cornucopia is to provide food and all other support to all, including UNH students, staff, faculty and their families. Individuals are allowed to shop for themselves in a no-questions-asked, inclusive environment, with no identification or forms required. The Cornucopia and the Waysmeet Center believe that all people have the right to fresh and healthy food and they strive to maintain that.

What does a NUTR 600 Field Experience student do at this site?

  • Work in the pantry during open hours
  • Educate verbally with the customers
  • Educate through written handouts and posters
  • Serve as a nutrition representative
  • Collaborate with other majors

Tips from a previous NUTR 600 Field Experience Student:

  • Make sure you have availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays when the pantry is open to the public
  • Enjoy working with others and be a people person because Waysmeet is a social environment
  • Have creativity, there is a lot of freedom here to put your own ideas out
  • Typically there aren’t a lot of nutrition majors at Waysmeet so make sure the information you are spreading is correct
  • Waysmeet is right next to Hannaford in Durham so no car is required

There are multiple languages spoken here so if you are bilingual that is a bonus but not required