UNH Dining

Preceptor name: Rochelle L'Italien, MS, RDN, LD     

Address: 75 Main Street, Durham, NH

Site overview: UNH Dining has three dining halls servicing the campus. These dining halls must accommodate a variety of diet needs and allergies. UNH prioritizes sustainability in their practices, which sets them apart from many other college foodservice options. All dining hall recipes are analyzed to assess nutritional content and whether they work for different specified diet needs. At this site, students will be working with the UNH foodservice dietitian, Rochelle L'Italien, and learning more about how dietitians in the food service sector interact with the kitchens to provide the campus with healthy and delicious options. This site also provides insight into how dining halls conflate profitability with nutritional value.

What does a NUTR 600 Field Experience student do at this site?

  • Learn how dining hall recipes are analyzed.
  • See how UNH Dining accommodates different dietary needs including allergies.
  • Learn how a food service dietitian interacts with the dining hall kitchen staff.
  • Learn how UNH Dining is making efforts to become more sustainable in their practices.
  • Host an educational tabling event in a dining hall.

Tips from a previous NUTR 600 Field Experience Student:

  • Be curious! Be ready to ask questions.
  • Basic cooking knowledge is helpful to have.
  • This is a great option for people who do not have vehicle access because all the sites are on campus.
  • There are many opportunities to do your own projects within UNH Dining, so feel free to ask if there is something you want to work on.
  • Be creative, since you will be making nutrition educational materials aimed at college students.