Tori Wyman '21

Changemaker in Training
UNH student Tory Wyman '21

Tori Wyman ’21 is a Business Administration major and Environmental Conservation and Sustainability minor. She recently completed her second summer internship through UNH's Social Innovation Internship program. 

Tori has also been involved in the B Impact Clinic since its inception in spring 2019, and this fall she will be participating Semester in the City, a rigorous full-time internship with a leading social change organization in Boston.

COLSA: Why did you apply for the Social Innovation Internship?

Tori Wyman: I chose to apply to the Social Innovation Internship because the programs that the Changemaker Collaborative put together give students the opportunity to learn more about companies that are trying to make a bigger impact with their business model, which is something that now I look for in a company.

COLSA: Please describe your internship (company, title, responsibilities).

Tori: I interned at the Piscataqua Savings Bank, where I had been working since the spring as a peer mentor as part of the B Impact Clinic. This summer as their Social Innovation Intern I got to dive into more than just the B Corp assessment. Though I did continue to work towards the bank’s recertification, including updating and locating some documentation, my main project was working towards getting the employees engaged with the B Corp movement.

I created a B Corp blog that went out once a week as part of the bank’s daily bulletin. With the blog I was able to get great information out to all the employees about not only what it takes to be a B Corp but so much more on the topics of sustainable businesses and businesses that are involved in the movement.

COLSA: What are you hoping to accomplish during your internship?

Tori: My main goal for the summer was to learn more about what it takes to be a B Corp behind what is actually accounted for in the assessment. And being in my final week of my internship I feel like I most definitely accomplished my goals. Knowing the bank is committed every day to constantly improving even when the points don’t show it is something I am truly so glad I got to be a part of.

COLSA: How do you think this experience will impact you?

Tori: This experience has been impactful in so many ways. A huge reason I like this specific internship experience is because it brings together like-minded people who are all using their summer to make an impact. And it has taught me that professionally I want to a part of a team that is motivated to make the world a better place. Being around other advocates in the sustainable movement gives me the inspiration to continue this journey with the change makers around the world.

COLSA: What do the words "social innovation" mean to you?

Tori: The definition of social innovation to me is creating change in new ways and being able to use the ideas of different people to help you get to a new way of doing something that is beneficial to all impacted.

COLSA: Other than your internship, how is UNH preparing you for a career that prioritizes sustainable social and environmental good?

Tori: My Environmental Conservation and Sustainability (ECS) classes are so current and focused on the situation the world is in right now. I think the ECS minor and my experiences at the Changemaker Collaborative have taken my business perspective to the next level and been a real differentiator for my education.

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