Nathaniel Lemai ‘24

Jumping In & Helping Out
UNH student Nathaniel Lemai '24

Nathaniel Lemai is a biology major from Hampton, New Hampshire.

COLSA: Please describe your job with ConvenientMD.

Nathaniel: I work at the Wildcat Stadium in Durham, swabbing UNH staff, students, and faculty and working at registration signing people in and giving them their tests.

COLSA: Why did you apply for the job?

Nathaniel: I applied to be a part of the solution to manage this pandemic as well as to meet new people at UNH and make connections.

COLSA: What does it mean to you to be on the front lines doing essential work to help manage the spread of COVID-19?

Nathaniel: It means a lot to me since I feel like I am doing some good for the world and making a difference.

COLSA: How has this experience been valuable for you?

Nathaniel: Not only was I able to help during the pandemic but I also was able to become part of something bigger.

COLSA: Is there anything about being tested and/or UNH's testing program that you'd like the UNH community or others to know?

Nathaniel: There’s no reason to fake your test or think that there’s no reason to do your test. The tests are incredibly important, and if everyone always does their part we can stay on campus for the rest of the year.

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