Matthew Scott '23

A focus on fish behavior
UNH student Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott is a marine, estuarine and freshwater biology major who received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) to conduct research in the lab of Nathan Furey, assistant professor of biological sciences. His research topic is “Modeling the Impacts of Invasive Streamside Plants and Food Availability on Brook Trout Feeding and Growth.”

COLSA: Why did you choose UNH?

Matt Scott: UNH provided the opportunity to study all aspects of aquatic life (freshwater, saltwater, and brackish). I also felt that the community here at UNH was a lot more welcoming than at other universities. Lastly, it was in an advantageous location so that I could be near several different bodies of water to go fishing.

COLSA: What's your major and what makes it so interesting to you?

Matt: My major is marine, estuarine, and freshwater biology (MEFB). I have always loved to go fishing since I was a little kid and as I grew older, I became more and more interested in the fish itself. This included both the physical aspects of the fish as well as its behavior. At a certain point, I decided that I would pursue this love of fish and obtain a degree to better understand them. My time in the MEFB program has taught me a lot of valuable things not only about fish themselves, but of the environment around them that also impacts their way of life.

COLSA: During your time at UNH, what are you most proud of?

Matt: I am most proud of receiving the SURF award for the summer of 2022 to perform research that may hopefully continue past the summer.

COLSA: What are you planning to do after graduation?

Matt: My plan after graduation is to attend graduate school to further my education and pursue a PhD in freshwater ecology or ichthyology.

COLSA: How is UNH preparing you to achieve your goals?

Matt: UNH has been able to give me a lot of hands-on experience that I feel will be applicable further down the road as well as introduced me to a wide variety of techniques and knowledge that will help me in later schooling as well as future jobs. UNH has also helped me explore the different aspects in my major, and by doing so has helped me narrow down my point of interest which will help me in the future.

Being able to work in Dr. Furey's lab during the spring 2022 semester as well as during the summer 2022 has been more than helpful for preparing me for after I graduate.

COLSA: What do you love most about UNH?

Matt: The thing that I love most about UNH is the amazing faculty and staff who want to see students succeed and are more than willing to help them do so.