Haley Sanborn '27

Hands-on experiences in the field are making the difference for this environmental science major
UNH student Haley Sanborn

Haley Sanborn is an environmental sciences: ecosystems major from Seabrook, New Hampshire. She is also a published author. (More on that below.)

Prior to the official start of her freshman year, Haley participated in UNH’s PrOVES program. Students in PrOVES arrive to campus early to connect with fellow students, explore campus and the New Hampshire Seacoast and give back to the community through volunteer experiences.

COLSA: Why did you choose UNH?

Haley Sanborn: I chose UNH for many reasons. As an environmental science major, I loved the university's focus on sustainability. I fell in love with the beautiful, walkable campus and the college town of Durham. I adored the easy access to College Woods, and how UNH is so close to the beach, mountains and the city.

COLSA: What is your major and what excites you about it?

Haley: I am majoring in environmental science, on the ecosystems track. I have always had an interest in the sciences, though I was always drawn more toward conservation and study of the environment and wildlife rather than human biology. I am excited to have the chance to work in many different settings — in the field, lab and office — and build knowledge and skills that will help me contribute to a more sustainable future. I am most excited for fieldwork and having hands-on experiences in the environment.

COLSA: What's the best academic experience you've had at UNH?

Haley: So far, in my first year at UNH, the best academic experience I have had was getting to work in the field for the first time in my evolutionary biology class. I got to work in College Woods alongside my peers to lay transects and sample species biodiversity, and it was the moment I realized I had chosen I major I love.

COLSA: What's the best experience you've had at UNH outside the classroom/lab?

Haley: There have been too many to name thanks to the amazing friends I have made here. I have truly found my people, and they have made this campus feel like home.

COLSA: How is UNH preparing you to achieve your goals?

Haley: UNH, besides simply giving me the knowledge I need to succeed in my major, has provided me with so many opportunities that are taking my learning to the next level and helping me gain experience. For example, UNH offers countless on-campus lab jobs and summer internships to help underclassmen gain experience, and I have recently been hired to work in an environmental science-based lab run by Jody Potter, an analytical instrumentation scientist, this summer.

COLSA: What should prospective students know about UNH?

Haley: Prospective students should know that UNH is truly a place of opportunity, both in the classroom and beyond. I would advise anyone to take advantage of all this university has to offer, such as internship opportunities, the variety of clubs and social events, the amazing study abroad programs, and so much more. I also recommend that prospective freshman sign up for the PrOVES program, as it gave me the chance to meet people that have become some of my closest friends and get to know the campus while engaging in fulfilling community service.

COLSA: Please share one unique or interesting fact about yourself.

Haley: One interesting fact about me is that I am a published author. During my senior year of high school, I self-published a young adult fantasy novel titled "Realms of Reflection" on Amazon that will be the first in a series. I have done book signings at local libraries and at Cider Hill Farm.

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