George Jumpp '14

Nutrition Degree Prepared Alum for Chiropractic Career
UNH alumni George Jumpp '14

George Jumpp graduated in 2014 with a degree in nutritional sciences and went on to earn a doctorate in chiropractic. An accomplished member of UNH’s track team, George credits chiropractic care with contributing to his success as an athlete.

The apex of George’s track career came unexpectedly on graduation day during a meet at Princeton University. That day, he became the current number one ranked hammer thrower in his home country of Jamaica and one of the top five hammer throwers in the country’s history of track and field.

COLSA: What are you doing now?

George Jumpp: I am the owner of Jumpp Chiropactic in Manchester, N.H. My goal is to teach the community how important having a healthy spine and healthy nervous system is directly related to achieving optimal wellness. 

COLSA: How did UNH prepare you for success in your field?

George: My education and experience at UNH prepared me for success in chiropractic. I have a strong understanding and foundation in the sciences of the human body thanks to the diverse classes at UNH. I’m thankful to be a part of a small group of health care providers with a nutrition background to help educate people about the relationship between food and health.

COLSA: Was there a person or course that had a significant influence on you? And if so, who or what and how?

George: So many names and classes come to my mind. [Professor emerita] Gale Carey’s nutritional biochemistry class had a significant impact on me while I was at UNH. This was the most challenging class for me because it made me apply what I learned in the past three years all in one rigorous course. I never thought I would be debating the importance of enzymes in biochemical pathways with my fellow students for hours in the library, but there I was. When I graduated I became a private biochemistry tutor to ESL students and had a translator because of the knowledge I gained from this class. My critical thinking skills greatly improved after taking this course.

"Take advantage of your free time to plan your future and the life you want to live after UNH. I promise if you spend some time each week doing this you will get your dream job and live the life you’ve always wanted."

COLSA: At this point in your life, what achievement are you most proud of?

George: UNH has opened so many doors for me and provided me with skills I never thought I would have. I am very grateful to the track team, which gave me the opportunity to represent UNH at the Jamaican Olympic Trials and National Championship.

The summer after I graduated from UNH I taught a wellness class to high school students from N.H. and Vt. at Keene State College. The class was a success because all the supplies, models, devices and lesson plans for the class were donated by the UNH nutrition department. That was a great opportunity for me to teach students and inspire them to work in healthcare. Lastly, I’m most proud of becoming a doctor of chiropractic — the opportunities for me in this profession are endless.

COLSA: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were an undergrad?

George: I think about this one all the time. I wish I knew that I had SO much free time when I was an undergrad. I was on the track team, involved in one or two clubs every semester, and took the same course load as everyone else. I thought I was busy, but now I know I was wrong.

Take advantage of your free time to plan your future and the life you want to live after UNH. I promise if you spend some time each week doing this you will get your dream job and live the life you’ve always wanted.

COLSA: What advice do you have for students interested in your field?

George: There is so much you can start doing to prepare for your future in chiropractic. Learn the basics of your anatomy and physiology in your undergrad so you have a strong foundation. Start shadowing as many chiropractors as you can, the earlier you start the better it will be for your future. Get to know the different types of chiropractors and chiropractic offices. The more offices you visit the better you’ll know how you want to practice and what kind of patients you want to serve in your community.

Attend chiropractic seminars. These are fun and educational events for chiropractors and chiropractic students. Here is where you’ll find the most successful students and chiropractors in the country that are ready to advance the profession. Get a mentor! The more you shadow and attend seminars the easier it will be to find a mentor. I currently work for my mentor whom I shadowed three times.

Start setting weekly, monthly and yearly goals about every part of your life. Getting in the habit of setting goals can only set you up for success.

COLSA: What do you miss most about UNH?

George: I miss the food! The all-day breakfast bar at Philbrook dining hall was my favorite. The experience of walking into a dining hall multiple times a day eating what I like is something I will never have again. I also miss living with my friends in the same building.  After a long day of classes, studying and track practice it was nice to come home to relax with my friends.

COLSA: What's ahead for you?

George: My dream is to have two family wellness chiropractic offices. I would love to give back to my home country, Jamaica, by becoming the chiropractor for their high school track and field teams that compete in international competitions. Chiropractic was a big part of my success on the track team at UNH so I would like to share that with all young athletes.

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