Francesca Barucci ‘20

Seeking a Better World Through Science
UNH biochemistry major Francesca Barucci

Francesca Barucci ’20 is busy. The biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology major from Fairfield, Conn., is also minoring in Italian studies and chemistry and is a member of the UNH Chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She recently accompanied the chapter to a local elementary school, where she helped demonstrate chemical reactions and lead hands-on activities for the school’s second graders. It was the perfect assignment for Barucci, who says she loves working with children.

COLSA: Looking back on your time at UNH so far, what are you most proud of and why?

Francesca Barucci: I am most proud of being able to acquire two minors, one of which is very unrelated to my major's coursework and research. I think it is nice to be able to still say I am well rounded, at least academically.

COLSA: Why did you choose your major?

Barucci: I feel science is the best avenue for someone like me, who would really like to see a difference in the world. With everything that's going on, it's clear that true change doesn't always come about from passing laws and voting certain people into office. Science is and always has been one of the most progressive industries in making breakthrough discoveries that better the world. Whether it be in healthcare, pharmaceuticals or the environment and sustainability, I view science as something that anyone can be a part of. Anyone can learn about in an issue that's affecting millions of people and be part of the effort to fix it. That is why I chose biochemistry as my major here at UNH.

COLSA: Any advice for students interested in your major?

Barucci: Don't quit! But if you truly don't like it, don't waste your time. I find doing what is really meaningful to you (easier said than done), makes you a more ambitious person in the long run, with whatever field you choose. I think true success comes from using what you love to either help other people or show them they might like it too!

COLSA: What are you planning to do after graduation?

Barucci: There are many things I can do after graduation. I can see myself possibly going to graduate school in the future, but for now, I plan on going into the pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology industries and getting some experience. Being a part of a team working towards the same goal is something that is very inspiring to me.

COLSA: How is UNH preparing you to achieve your goals?

Barucci: I think the best learning experience, other than very hard coursework that has humbled me in a sense, is the undergraduate research I am lucky enough to do with Dr. Christine Caputo. Hands-on learning is so important for preparing me for future success.

COLSA: What do you love most about UNH?

Barucci: Probably the town, the type of environment we are in. There are so many opportunities to meet people, yet I still see people I know on the street every day. Somehow, we get a small school vibe in a big school atmosphere which I think most students would agree with.

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