Ava Gaudette '24

"Nutrition is the foundation of health"
UNH Nutrition Student Ana Gaudette '24

Ava Gaudette '24 is a nutrition major in the dietetics option from Bedford, New Hampshire.

COLSA: What is your nutrition option and why did you choose it as your major?

Ava Gaudette: My nutrition option is dietetics, and I choose it because I want to be a registered dietitian. For me becoming a dietitian is the best avenue for being involved in the nutrition world in the way I want to be.

COLSA: Why, in your own view, is nutrition important?

Ava: Nutrition is important because it is the foundation of health. Most people care, at least to some degree, about leading a healthy lifestyle but often don't feel they have the time or money to dedicate to making that a reality. To me, nutrition is something that anyone can use as a tool to start leading a healthier life.

Eating healthy foods does not have to mean eating expensive, time-consuming meals. It can be as simple as learning about the benefits of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables or the potential consequences of eating lots of processed foods. Learning about nutrition can have such a positive effect on someone's life in so many ways. It will be my job as a dietitian to try to help spread that knowledge.

COLSA: What do you love about the nutrition program at UNH?

Ava: I love the close-knit feel of the nutrition program. The class sizes are relatively small, which provides a great opportunity to get to know classmates and professors. This in turn provides you with so many opportunities for getting involved with research as well as other nutrition related activities on campus.

COLSA: What do you plan to do with your degree?

Ava: My ultimate goal is to be a sports dietitian. I would love to work for a professional sports team, the Celtics would be top choice, or work at the collegiate level and be the dietitian for either a specific team or the entire athletic department.

COLSA: If you could offer one bit of nutrition advice, what would it be?

Ava: I would tell people to focus on making small changes. Making a drastic lifestyle change will only end up being stressful and end in feelings of failure and aggravation. By making small changes over time, you can change your eating habits in a manageable and sustainable way.

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