Andrew (Drew) Villeneuve

Effects of heatwaves on small-scale fisheries and marine ecosystems
Andrew Villeneuve

Biological Sciences: Marine Biology - PhD
Twitter: villeneuvesci; website:

Advisor: Dr. Easton White; advisor's website

Andrew (Drew) Villeneuve (he/him/his) is a global change marine ecologist interested in working with data across scales of ecological organization to better understand the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and the people that depend on them. He specifically seeks to combine empirical data of organismal physiology and distribution, environmental and extreme event data, and fisheries data into models of ecosystem dynamics under climate change.

Drew uses a mixture of statistical, laboratory, and field techniques to build inference across these scales of ecological organization. He currently focuses on 1) the effects of heatwaves on eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) survivorship, 2) sensitivity of intertidal fisheries and aquaculture to climate change in Madagascar, 3) sensitivity of the live seafood supply chain to warming, and 4) modelling transient effects in marine foundation species range shifts. Ultimately, his research seeks to confront assumptions about how ecologists model ecosystem responses to climate change, as well as supporting the climate resilience of understudied small-scale fisheries critical to human subsistence.