Seacoast Eat Local

Preceptor name: Jillian Hall, Ed.M., Director of Programs          

Address: Various Farmer’s Market

Site overview: Seacoast Eat Local is a nonprofit organization that advocates eating local food for the health of the community, environment, culture and economy. They strive to make local food accessible to all through the SNAP to Farm program, the Granite State Match Program, education and outreach. Seacoast Eat Local runs the winter farmer’s markets at Exeter High School and the Wentworth Greenhouses. They also attend summer farmer’s market around the seacoast area.

What does a NUTR 600 Field Experience student do at this site?

  • Attend a farmer’s market in the seacoast area weekly
  • Run the SNAP/EBT table at the farmer’s marking by swiping cards, exchanging tokens and recording transactions
  • Write a weekly blog post highlighting a local food, farmer, nutrition topic, or recipe.
  • Assist in set-up and break-down of the farmer’s market
  • Complete an interactive food demonstration highlighting a local food

Tips from a previous NUTR 600 Field Experience Student:

  • Requires a large weekend commitment, so be prepared to set aside this time!
  • Access to a car is required to travel to the different farmer’s market locations
  • Find an aspect of Seacoast Eat Local that interests you and immerse yourself in that role: nutrition, sustainability, food access, management of a nonprofit organization, etc.
  • Talk to the farmers, vendors and customers to understand all the aspects that go into running a farmer’s market.
  • Take time to enjoy the markets and buy lots of local food.