Matthew Chagnon

Phone: (603) 862-1048
Office: Thompson School of Applied Science, Putnam Hall Rm 11-C, Durham, NH 03824

I began my teaching career at the Thompson School in 1980. I believe that a student's success is based in part, on a relationship of mutual friendship and respect with his or her teachers. My office door is always open, encouraging my students to drop in with questions or problems. I am also a graduate of this program, so I know what it is like to be a student here.

I am the proprietor of a small-scale maple syrup operation and I have experience logging with draft horses. My experience includes work at a sawmill and a lumber yard, land surveying, aerial photography, logging and forest inventory.

My areas of teaching are in forest ecology and silviculture, computers, arboriculture, forest surveying, forest mapping and wildlife. However, I think that I have taught just about every class in the program at one point or another.

I coached the UNH Lumberjack Team for many years and am co-owner of Granite State Lumberjack Shows Inc., which produces professional lumberjack competitions around the country for the Stihl Timbersports Series as seen on ESPN. When I am at home I enjoy working on the management of my Tree Farm. In my free time I enjoy hunting, motorcycling and golf.

If Forest Technology is what you want to do with your life, you should have fun studying it. Attend all of your classes and turn in all of your assignments on time and you will do great in this program.

Faculty Award Winner

Award Type:  TSAS Excellence in Teaching
Year:  2015


  • M.S., Forest/Forest Resources Mgmt, University of New Hampshire
  • B.S., Forest/Forest Resources Mgmt, University of New Hampshire
  • A.A.S., Forestry Technology, University of New Hampshire

Courses Taught

  • FORT 260: Forest Mapping
  • FORT 266: Forest Surveying
  • FORT 270: Applied Silviculture
  • FORT 275: Forestry Field Practices
  • FORT 460: Forest Mapping
  • FORT 463: Forest Ecology Lab
  • FORT 466: Forest Surveying and Mapping
  • FORT 470: Applied Silviculture
  • FORT 475: Forestry Field Practice
  • FORT 564: Arboriculture
  • FORT 569: Wildlife Ecology &Conservation
  • FORT 592: Studies in Forest Technology
  • FORT 597: Work Experience