Maggie Dylewski Begis

Director of Didactic Program in Dietetics
Phone: (603) 862-4524
Office: Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems, Kendall Hall Rm 119, Durham, NH 03824

General Area of Interest

Clinical nutrition


  • Ph.D., Nutrition Sciences, Boston University
  • M.S., Nutritional Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
  • B.S., Nutritional Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

Courses Taught

  • NUTR 401: Prof Perspectives Nutrition
  • NUTR 476: Nutritional Assessment
  • NUTR 699: Independent Study
  • NUTR 700: Career Developmnt in Dietetics
  • NUTR 755: Treatment of Adult Obesity
  • NUTR 775: Pract App Medical Nutr Therapy
  • NUTR 780: Critical Issues in Nutrition
  • NUTR 790: Undergrad Teaching Experience

Selected Publications

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Most Cited Publications