Jon M. Wraith

Dean of College of Life Scienc
Professor of Soil and Environmental Physics
Phone: (603) 862-2468
Office: COLSA Dean's Office, Rudman Hall Rm G15D, Durham, NH 03824
Jon Wraith - Dean of COLSA


  • Ph.D., Soil Science & Biometeorology, Utah State University
  • M.S., Range Science, Utah State University
  • B.S., Range Management, Humboldt State University
  • A.A., LiberalArtSciGenStdyHumanities, Butte Community College

Selected Publications

Miller, P. R., Lighthiser, E. J., Jones, C. A., Holmes, J. A., Rick, T. L., & Wraith, J. M. (2011). Pea green manure management affects organic winter wheat yield and quality in semiarid Montana. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 91(3), 497-508. doi:10.4141/cjps10109

Sankey, J., Lawrence, R., & Wraith, J. (2008). Ad Hoc Modeling of Root Zone Soil Water with Landsat Imagery and Terrain and Soils Data. Sensors, 8(1), 314-326. doi:10.3390/s8010314

Or, D., Smets, B. F., Wraith, J. M., Dechesne, A., & Friedman, S. P. (2007). Physical constraints affecting bacterial habitats and activity in unsaturated porous media – a review. Advances in Water Resources, 30(6-7), 1505-1527. doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2006.05.025

Riveros-Iregui, D. A., Emanuel, R. E., Muth, D. J., McGlynn, B. L., Epstein, H. E., Welsch, D. L., . . . Wraith, J. M. (2007). Diurnal hysteresis between soil CO 2 and soil temperature is controlled by soil water content. Geophysical Research Letters, 34(17). doi:10.1029/2007GL030938

Hill, J. P., Germino, M. J., Wraith, J. M., Olson, B. E., & Swan, M. B. (2006). Advantages in Water Relations Contribute to Greater Photosynthesis in Centaurea maculosa Compared with Established Grasses. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 167(2), 269-277. doi:10.1086/499505

Robinson, D. A., Jones, S. B., Wraith, J. M., Or, D., & Friedman, S. P. (2003). A Review of Advances in Dielectric and Electrical Conductivity Measurement in Soils Using Time Domain Reflectometry. VADOSE ZONE JOURNAL, 2(4), 444-475. Retrieved from

Jones, S. B., Wraith, J. M., & Or, D. (2002). Time domain reflectometry measurement principles and applications. Hydrological Processes, 16(1), 141-153. doi:10.1002/hyp.513

Sivamani, E., Bahieldin, A., Wraith, J. M., Al-Niemi, T., Dyer, W. E., Ho, T. -H. D., & Qu, R. (2000). Improved biomass productivity and water use efficiency under water deficit conditions in transgenic wheat constitutively expressing the barley HVA1 gene. Plant Science, 155(1), 1-9. doi:10.1016/S0168-9452(99)00247-2

Or, D., & Wraith, J. M. (1999). Temperature effects on soil bulk dielectric permittivity measured by time domain reflectometry: A physical model. Water Resources Research, 35(2), 371-383. doi:10.1029/1998WR900008

Wraith, J. M., & Or, D. (1999). Temperature effects on soil bulk dielectric permittivity measured by time domain reflectometry: Experimental evidence and hypothesis development. Water Resources Research, 35(2), 361-369. doi:10.1029/1998WR900006

Most Cited Publications