Erin Sigel

Erin Sigel

Collections Manager of the Hodgdon Herbarium, UNH Collections
Collections Manager, Albion R. Hodgdon Herbarium
Phone: (603) 862-2809
Office: Department of Biological Sciences, Putnam Hall Room 133A, Durham, NH 03824
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 409: Intro to Botanical Sciences
  • BIOL 566: Systematic Botany

Selected Publications

  • Fauskee, B. D., Sigel, E. M., Pryer, K. M., & Grusz, A. L. (2021). Variation in frequency of plastid RNA editing within Adiantum implies rapid evolution in fern plastomes. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY, 108(5), 820-827. doi:10.1002/ajb2.1649

  • Sutherland, B. L., Barrett, C. F., Beck, J. B., Latvis, M., McKain, M. R., Sigel, E. M., & Kooyers, N. J. (2021). Botany is the root and the future of invasion biology. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY, 108(4), 549-552. doi:10.1002/ajb2.1642

  • Leebens-Mack, J. H., Barker, M. S., Carpenter, E. J., Deyholos, M. K., Gitzendanner, M. A., Graham, S. W., . . . Transcriptomes, O. T. P. (2019). One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants. NATURE, 574(7780), 679-+. doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1693-2

  • Sigel, E. M., Der, J. P., Windham, M. D., & Pryer, K. M. (2019). Expression Level Dominance and Homeolog Expression Bias in Recurrent Origins of the Allopolyploid Fern Polypodium hesperium. AMERICAN FERN JOURNAL, 109(3), 224-247. doi:10.1640/0002-8444-109.3.224

  • Sigel, E. M., Schuettpelz, E., Pryer, K. M., & Der, J. P. (2018). Overlapping Patterns of Gene Expression Between Gametophyte and Sporophyte Phases in the Fern Polypodium amorphum (Polypodiales). FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 9. doi:10.3389/fpls.2018.01450

  • Li, F. -W., Brouwer, P., Carretero-Paulet, L., Cheng, S., de Vries, J., Delaux, P. -M., . . . Pryer, K. M. (2018). Fern genomes elucidate land plant evolution and cyanobacterial symbioses. NATURE PLANTS, 4(7), 460-472. doi:10.1038/s41477-018-0188-8

  • Schuettpelz, E., Schneider, H., Smith, A. R., Hovenkamp, P., Prado, J., Rouhan, G., . . . Grp, P. P. (2016). A community-derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION, 54(6), 563-603. doi:10.1111/jse.12229

  • Wolf, P. G., Sessa, E. B., Marchant, D. B., Li, F. -W., Rothfels, C. J., Sigel, E. M., . . . Der, J. P. (2015). An Exploration into Fern Genome Space. GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 7(9), 2533-2544. doi:10.1093/gbe/evv163

  • Rothfels, C. J., Li, F. -W., Sigel, E. M., Huiet, L., Larsson, A., Burge, D. O., . . . Pryer, K. M. (2015). The evolutionary history of ferns inferred from 25 low-copy nuclear genes. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY, 102(7), 1089-1107. doi:10.3732/ajb.1500089

  • Li, F. -W., Villarreal, J. C., Kelly, S., Rothfels, C. J., Melkonian, M., Frangedakis, E., . . . Pryer, K. M. (2014). Horizontal transfer of an adaptive chimeric photoreceptor from bryophytes to ferns. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 111(18), 6672-6677. doi:10.1073/pnas.1319929111

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