Debra Straussfogel

Phone: (603) 862-3923
Office: Natural Resources & the Environment, James Hall Rm 268, Durham, NH 03824

Beginning early as an undergraduate, questions regarding humanity’s place on, and interaction with, the planet sparked my interest. The valued advice of a special mentor led me to pursue advanced degrees in Geography, a field defined by the integration of human, social, physical and environmental questions. As a Geographer, I found the intellectual home to explore the large and synthetic questions that had always captured my interest and imagination. My commitment to the study of human-environment interactions continues to evolve.

The broad subject area of my work has integrated resource geography and systems science with applications to issues of sustainable development in rural resource-based communities. I seek interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches, and have utilized both quantitative methodologies and conceptual paradigms, such as world-systems theory and the bioregional perspective.


  • Ph.D., Geography, Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S., Geography, Pennsylvania State University
  • B.S., Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Courses Taught

  • NR 437: Principles of Sustainability
  • NR 600: Work Experience
  • NR 753: Sustainability as Abundance
  • NR 754: Sense of Place
  • NR 784: Sustainable Living
  • NR 785: Systems Thinking
  • NR 786: Sustainability Leadership