Anton Bekkerman

Assoc Dean COLSA-Dir NHAES
Phone: (603) 862-1676
Office: UNH COLSA Dean's Office, Rudman Hall G15, Durham, NH 03824
Anton Bekkerman

I currently serve as the director of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station and professor of economics at the University of New Hampshire. After receiving a B.B.A. in Business Economics in 2005 from the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University in Maryland, I received my PhD in Economics from North Carolina State University in 2009.

I am an agricultural economist who is interested in agricultural marketing, farm management, policy, and agribusiness risk management. My published and on-going research focuses on a broad range of issues, including crop price dynamics and forecasting, market valuation of food quality characteristics, management of invasive species and pests, farm policy analysis, crop insurance, fertilizer market dynamics, wine pricing, co-operatives, among others. I also work with interdisciplinary teams of scientists to analyze the agronomic and economic effectiveness of alternative cropping systems, trade-offs of alternative soil management strategies, and cover crops. My last research area has involved broader economic topics, including the economics of education, economics of public libraries, and economic information.


  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University
  • M.S., North Carolina State University
  • B.B.A., Loyola University - Maryland

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Applied Economics
  • Business/Economics Planning/Policy
  • Crop Insurance
  • Food Marketing
  • Price Change
  • Production Economics and Management (Agriculture)
  • Spatial Economics

Selected Publications

Bekkerman, A., Gumbley, T., & Brester, G. W. (2021). The Impacts of Biofuel Policies on Spatial and Vertical Price Relationships in the US Fertilizer Industry. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 43(2), 802-822. doi:10.1002/aepp.13038

Madariaga, J., & Bekkerman, A. (2020). The Impact of Trade Openness on Relative Equipment Prices: Lessons from Latin America. Economica, 87(348), 938-984. doi:10.1111/ecca.12332

Bekkerman, A., & Taylor, M. (2020). The Role of Spatial Density and Technological Investment on Optimal Pricing Strategies in the Grain Handling Industry. Review of Industrial Organization, 57(1), 27-58. doi:10.1007/s11151-019-09725-2

Bekkerman, A., & Brester, G. (2020). Are Fertilizer Capacity Expansion Announcements #FakeNews?. Choices, Quarter 2.

Bekkerman, A., Brester, G., & Ripplinger, D. (2020). The History, Consolidation, and Future of the U.S. Nitrogen Fertilizer Production Industry. Choices, Quarter 2.

Gilpin, G., & Bekkerman, A. (2020). Households' public library use across the school calendar. Library & Information Science Research, 42(2), 101012. doi:10.1016/j.lisr.2020.101012

Bekkerman, A., Belasco, E. J., Smith, V. H., & McIntosh, C. (2019). Does Farm Size Matter? Distribution of Crop Insurance Subsidies and Government Program Payments across U.S. Farms. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 41(3), 498-518. doi:10.1093/aepp/ppy024

Miller, P. R., Bekkerman, A., Holmes, J. A., Jones, C. A., & Engel, R. E. (2019). Agro‐Economic Returns were Reduced for Four Years after Conversion from Perennial Forage. Agronomy Journal, 111(5), 2293-2302. doi:10.2134/agronj2018.08.0519

Adhikari, S., Adhikari, A., Weaver, D., Bekkerman, A., & Menalled, F. (n.d.). Impacts of Agricultural Management Systems on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Highly Simplified Dryland Landscapes. Sustainability, 11(11), 3223. doi:10.3390/su11113223

Bekkerman, A., Brester, G. W., & Tonsor, G. T. (2019). An alternative approach to measuring demand changes in meat markets. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 22(3), 397-412. doi:10.22434/ifamr2018.0120