Aaron Margolin

Phone: (603) 862-0211
Office: Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences, Rudman Hall Rm 204, Durham, NH 03824

Our laboratory works closely with water utilities, engineers, and the Environmental Protection Agency in designing studies that help predict the fate of pathogen removal or survival. Many projects begin at the bench level using both pathogens and indicator organisms and then proceed to the field where the use of surrogate organisms helps us understand the overall fate of waterborne pathogens.

Over the last 20 years I have also been the Science Advisor for the Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center of the FDA outside of Boston MA. Our primary focus over the last several years has been the detection of food borne pathogens and the development of methods to aid in the detection of adulterated food products.


  • Ph.D., Virology and Water Diseases, University of Arizona
  • B.S., Animal Health, University of Arizona

Courses Taught

  • BMS 503: General Microbiology
  • BMS 655: Human and Animal Parasites
  • BMS 706: Virology
  • BMS 708: Virology Laboratory
  • BMS 716: Pub Hlth:Food-/Waterborne Dis
  • BMS 790: Undergrad Teaching Experience
  • MICR 999: Doctoral Research