Research Facilites & Related Programs

The Biological Sciences graduate program is enhanced by research in other departments and institutes across the University.

These include the School for Marine Sciences and Ocean Engineering ( and its associated programs and facilities: N.H. Sea Grant Program (; the Center for Collaborative Science (; the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) (; the UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM) (; the Joint Hydrographic Center (; and the Ocean Processes Analysis Laboratory (OPAL) ( There are five marine laboratories: Jackson Estuarine Lab (, Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex (, the Aquaculture Research Center (ARC) (, and the Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) ( The Center for Freshwater Biology (CFB) ( jointly administers (with the UNH Cooperative Extension) the Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (, which is dedicated to the preservation and sound management of lakes through citizen-based monitoring and research.

The New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station ( supports a range of basic and applied research – including graduate student assistantships – as part of its mission “to [generate] knowledge and technology to support a highly diversified agricultural and natural resource system that produces, processes and delivers food, fiber, forest products, and myriad environmental services for our the context of protecting environmental quality, and helping to maintain the viability of rural communities.” ( facilities include the Keener Dairy Research Building, Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center (, Burley-DeMerritt Organic Dairy Research Farm (, Woodman Horticultural Research Farm ( and Kingman Farm ( along with other outlying fields and forests. Additional research in plant biology and agriculture is carried out in the Macfarlane Research Greenhouses ( and the Hogdon Herbarium (

The Hubbard Center for Genomic Studies ( provides training and research in comparative and environmental genomics, with a special emphasis on novel model species. It provides expertise in constructing DNA libraries, DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, and the analysis of gene expression.