Brewing Science Laboratory

Brewing Science Laboratory

The UNH Brewing Science Laboratory is both a fully equipped professional beverage manufacturing facility and one of the most advanced analytical beer chemistry labs in the state.

The laboratory, which was completed in the spring of 2018, supports UNH’s Brewing Science minor and provides beneficial beer testing services to New Hampshire brewers.

Brewing Equipment

The Brewing Science Laboratory features two brewing systems: a one-barrel (31 gallon) system that supports production of several small batches of beer and a three-barrel (93 gallon) system that allows us to split one batch into three separate experiments in our three 40-gallon fermenters. We also have two temperature adjustable cold rooms, a plate and frame chiller, and all the pumps and components needed to meet professional beverage manufacturing requirements.

Analytical Testing

For a commercial brewer of any size, the ability to produce quality, consistent brews is just as important as producing liquid that pleases the palate. An Anton-Paar Alcolyzer DMA 4500 provides Federal Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)-approved alcohol-by-volume (ABV) concentrations, as well as calories, specific gravity, and real extract information for all the beer produced. A Hach UV Vis Spectrophotometer DR6000 allows for measurements of color (SRM), bitterness (IBUs), protein content, diacetyl (VDKs) as well as water chemistry. This equipment supports the production of high quality beer that is consistent from batch to batch.

Students in the Brewing Science minor use the brewing and testing equipment to build solid technical brewing and quality control skills, while also developing a knowledge base that allows them the ability to experiment with formulas and techniques.

Services for New Hampshire Breweries

The lab is capable of analyzing samples from local breweries. For a list of services and prices, please email

Product Sales and Licensing

The Brewing Science Laboratory is licensed by the federal Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to produce alcohol and by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) as a Beverage Manufacturer to produce and sell beer and cider. Beer produced in the lab is sold through University Hospitality Services for on campus events, as well as to restaurants in downtown Durham, NH.

Non-Credit Craft Brewing Programs

UNH also offers non-credit brewing programs through Professional Development & Training.

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