Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 11:10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Please join the department of Women's and Gender Studies as we host Dr. Isaac “Ike” Sohn Leslie (they/them) Postdoctoral Research Associate in Food Systems University of New Hampshire


So pervasive they are often invisible, gender and sexual norms organize food production on the “family farm” and food consumption in the household. LGBTQ+ people – especially those who are also BIPOC – experience food insecurity at disproportionately high rates, and LGBTQ+ farmers face systemic discrimination in establishing economically viable farms. At the same time, they have developed creative resiliency strategies, and a queer perspective on food insecurity and farm viability reveals how all eaters and farmers – not just LGBTQ+ people – are affected by gender and sexual norms in the food system. In this presentation, sociologist and farmer Ike Leslie shares their research on how a queer lens on food systems offers pathways toward justice and sustainability not just for LGBTQ+ people, but for everyone who produces or consumes food.


Isaac, or “Ike,” is an environmental sociologist focused on justice, sustainability, and viability in food systems. Currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Food Systems at the University of New Hampshire, Ike is leading a study about farm viability in New England. They co-authored the sixth edition of An Invitation to Environmental Sociology and co-edited a special issue of Society & Natural Resources, which unpacks the roles of gender and sexuality in farming. Ike’s work on U.S. and Argentinian food systems is also published in Rural SociologyAgriculture and Human ValuesAgroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, the Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations, and elsewhere. Ike earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as an M.A. in Sociology and M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire. They are also a farmer at Magnetic Fields, an agroecological farm that supports rural queer and BIPOC farm community.

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