Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Minor

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Minor

Program Overview

A minor in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems is designed to provide a flexible and broad selection of courses to complement any other major area of study.  A minimum of 20 credits is required. A minimum grade of C- is required for all minor courses.

Certificate of Minor
During the student's final semester, an application should be made to the COLSA Dean's Office to have the minor shown on the academic transcript.  The student should fill out a Certification of Completion of Minor form and obtain the signatures of the student's major advisor, minor advisor, and the COLSA Dean's Office.


Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems
Kendall Hall
129 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824

Curriculum & Requirements

Required SAFS Core Course
SAFS 405Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production4
Electives 116
AAS 432
Introduction to Forage and Grassland Management
ANSC 421
Animal Agriculture Today
ANSC 750
Collaborative Farm Design and Development
EREC 680
Agricultural and Food Policy
NR 501
Studio Soils
NUTR 405
Food and Society
NUTR 730
From Seed to Sea: Examining Sustainable Food Systems
SAFS 421
Introductory Horticulture
SAFS 502
SAFS 510
Agriculture and Development in the Neotropics
SAFS 632
Urban Agriculture
SAFS 651
Plant Pathology
SAFS 679
Food Production Field Experience I
SAFS 680
Food Production Field Experience II
SAFS 689
Greenhouse Management and Operation
SAFS 729
Agricultural Waste Management
SAFS 733
Advanced Topics in Sustainable Agriculture
SAFS 760
Insect Pest Management
ZOOL 610
Principles of Aquaculture
Total Credits20

Students are encouraged to discuss their intent to minor with the minor advisor as early as possible, typically no later than the end of the junior year.  Not all classes are offered every year.

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