Volunteer Checklist

  1. Appropriate clothing - warm, comfortable, close-fitting (as opposed to loose and flowing) and sturdy shoes that stay on during any movements you may need to make.

  2. No dangling jewelry.

  3. Arrival - sign-in and get a name tag.

  4. Check your schedule of duties.

  5. Check the profile of your rider and the lesson plan for the day.

  6. Stay with your team so that you are ready when your rider is ready.

  7. Greet your rider and assist with helmet and safety belt fitting.

  8. Ask questions, make observations, be attentive to your rider AT ALL TIMES!!

  9. Assist rider out of the arena after the lesson, if you're not the horse leader.

  10. Fill out the log in the tack room if you are designated as the "left sidewalker" for the session.

  11. Make a note if you have had a change in schedule and cannot make a week that you've previously signed up for.

  12. Let Program Assistant know when you're leaving.  If you have questions or suggestions let the assistant know (and write them in the log).

  13. We count on you - if you don't show up a rider cannot ride.  If you must miss a session please let us know in advance.