Animal Science (Minor)

Animal Science (Minor)

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What is animal science?

The study of animal science will provide you with an introduction to the biology and management of animal species. In this minor, you’ll choose from a wide array of electives, with the potential to delve into topics such as agricultural business and management,writing and ethics, and hands-on equine, poultry and dairy education. Your studies will prepare you for careers in various animal industries or further studies in veterinary medicine or graduate school.

Why study animal science at UNH?

At UNH we offer a range of hands-on, real-world experience through campus facilities that include the Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center, the Lou & Lutza Smith Equine Center, the Organic Dairy Research Farm, the Aquaculture Research Center, the Ritzman Aquaculture Facility and the new high tunnel for poultry and small ruminants. We also offer an exceptional level of support through the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture’s St. Martin Career Exploration Office.

Potential career areas

  • Agribusiness
  • Animal business ownership
  • Education
  • Extension specialist
  • Government (USDA)
  • Journalism
  • Management (ASPCA)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research
  • Veterinary medicine


Vanessa Grunkemeyer

Program Coordinator - Animal Science | Director - UNH Pre-Veterinary Advising Program
Clinical Assistant Professor
Phone: (603) 862-0176
Office: Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems, Kendall Hall Rm 227, Durham, NH 03824
Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems
University of New Hampshire
Kendall Hall
129 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-2130
  • Coming a Long Way and Going Much Farther
    Angelica Beltrán Franco ’19 is a wildlife and conservation biology major and animal behavior minor who moved to the U.S. with her family in 2013 from Medellin, Colombia. 
    Coming a Long Way and Going Much Farther
    Angelica Beltrán Franco ’19 is a wildlife and conservation biology major and animal behavior minor who moved to the U.S. with her family in 2013 from Medellin, Colombia. 

Curriculum & Requirements

A minor in Animal Science consists of a minimum of 20 credits of Animal Science (ANSC) courses. No more than 7 credits may be taken in the Thompson School of Applied Science (AAS) and at the 400- level. Students must receive a minimum grade of C- in any course used for the minor. Students failing to do this will need to retake the course in order to receive credit.No courses taken on a pass (credit)/fail basis may count toward the minor. Students who transfer from other institutions may petition the animal science program faculty for course approval. No more than eight credits used to satisfy major requirements may be used for the minor.

Students wanting to declare a minor in animal science must meet with animal science minor coordinator as early as possible and no later than first semester of their junior year.

Students must complete a minor completion form during their final semester at UNH.

Choose one of the following introductory courses:4
AAS 425Introduction to Dairy Herd Management4
ANSC 401Animals and Society4
ANSC 421Introduction to Animal Science4
Choose one of the following experiential courses:4-12
ANSC 600Field Experience4
ANSC 603Introduction to Livestock Management4
ANSC 605Poultry Production and Health Management4
ANSC 698Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM) 14
ANSC 727Advanced Dairy Management I 14
ANSC 728Advanced Dairy Management II 14
Choose one of the following ANSC courses:4-12
ANSC 510Integration of Culture and Agriculture in Ireland: Past, Present, and Future4
ANSC 511Anatomy and Physiology4
ANSC 512Anatomy and Physiology4
ANSC 543Technical Writing in Animal Sciences2
ANSC 602Animal Rights and Societal Issues4
ANSC 609Principles of Animal Nutrition4
ANSC 612Genetics of Domestic Animals4
ANSC 625Animal Diseases4
ANSC 690Livestock and Wildlife in Namibia: Challenges, Opportunities and Geography4
ANSC 701Physiology of Reproduction4
ANSC 708Ruminant Nutritional Physiology3
ANSC 710Dairy Nutrition4
ANSC 715Physiology of Lactation4
ANSC 724Reproductive Management and Artificial Insemination4
ANSC 750Collaborative Farm Design and Development4
ANSC 795Investigations1-4

Explore Program Details

CREAM is a student-run cooperative in which 25 UNH students operate and manage a small business consisting of a registered Holstein dairy herd. CREAM is a yearlong course that gives students the opportunity to gain hands on experience in working with the dairy cows. Each fall, the herd is passed on to a new group of students with the help of a transition team of student advisors, as well as dairy center personnel, and faculty advisors. CREAM has been operating at UNH since 1997 and has progressed as a program each year due to the dedication and commitment of the students, faculty, and dairy center staff.


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