Research Briefs Published by NHAES Scientists

NHAES scientists are regularly developing and publishing their research in leading scientific journals. The NHAES Research Briefs provide summaries of key findings and how the studies were conducted in a short, accessible format. 

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COLSA research: Enhancing New England's local food production: A study on farmers' livelihood strategies and the challenges of achieving far... Learn More
COLSA research: Unlocking the potential of alternative food networks in New England: Strategies for engaging diverse consumers and promoting sustainab... Learn More
COLSA research: Exploring values-based food supply chains: Bridging the gap for mid-sized farms and consumers in the U.S. through strategic partnershi... Learn More
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COLSA research: A new UNH study describes eye-opening findings on higher food insecurity rates among college students with disabilities. Learn More
COLSA research: Exploring the gut microbiome's role in T2D among Bhutanese refugees: A study on inflammation, appetite regulation, and microbiota... Learn More
COLSA research: Discover how SNAP-Ed impacts Bhutanese refugees in New Hampshire: Insights on dietary habits and cardiometabolic health in culturally ... Learn More
UNH researchers found the optimal temperature for storing kiwiberries to produce the highest quality berries, providing key guidance for New England f... Learn More
Advanced soil health monitoring: NHAES CREATE project innovates on-the-go sensor for real-time data, aiding sustainable agriculture decisions. Learn More
Study on PFAS impact: NHAES CREATE project assesses 'forever chemicals' in water, soils, and health for informed regulations and environment... Learn More
Discover how this NHAES CREATE project explores biodiversity's impact on mental health benefits. Improve well-being through holistic forest manag... Learn More
Enhance NH Oyster Aquaculture: NHAES CREATE project deploys biosensors for real-time data on site choice, oyster health, boosting industry growth. Learn More
Recent research shows that pollution filtering by rivers is heavily tied to watershed size, revealing implications for areas impacted by human develop... Learn More
Research on a group of parasitic wasps revealed novel insights into their jaw function, offering a significant contribution to understanding insect ev... Learn More
UNH researchers discovered a male white-tailed deer traveled 300 kilometers within a three-week period, a record-breaking distance with implications f... Learn More
A new meta-analysis determined that fertilizer pollution in rivers can result in algal blooms and fish kills, an urgent issue for water conservation e... Learn More
A study by UNH researchers reveals black bears can help gray foxes coexist with coyotes, mitigating competition for food and space. Learn More
UNH scientists are identifying key ecological factors to better understand and predict the implications of the thawing Arctic. Learn More
UNH researchers reveal habitat and anthropogenic factors drive striped skunk abundance across the U.S., impacting predation and seed dispersal. Learn More
A UNH study links video game use to poor diet, exercise in college men. Learn More