NHAES On-boarding Series

The NHAES on-boarding series is targeted toward recently hired and early-in-career scientists whose research programs align with the missions of the Station, although all are welcome to attend individual sessions. Over a course of meetings throughout the semester, the group will focus on topics such as developing successful NHAES proposals and effective annual and final reports, graduate student and post-doctoral scientist recruitment and management, engaging with non-academic audiences and integration with Extension, leveraging NHAES funds for external grants, and working with USDA NIFA. The goal of the on-boarding series is not only to unpack the "AES blackbox," but also to create a cohort of researchers across COLSA departments and Extension.

Topic Day

NHAES overview: What is the land-grant system and its three pillars (Morrill, Hatch, and Smith-Lever acts)? What is the AES? How does the funding work? Why is our research really important? What is the Director's role? What is the role of researchers? What’s the history of the NHAES? What are the Hatch and Mcntire-Stennis programs? What is the multistate research program? What are and how do NHAES-specific funding programs work?

October 13

Developing an NHAES proposal and project: What is the NHAES project structure, mechanism, and timelines? What resources are available for writing the proposal? What are important factors to identify and highlight in the proposal? What are best practices for writing a successful proposal?

October 25

Developing effective annual NHAES project report and communicating with external audiences: What are the expectations? Why are these reports so important and how are they used? How are outcomes/deliverables different than impacts? Why is writing good reports beneficial to project directors? Best practices for writing excellent reports?

October 21, 2022
(Friday, 11:30-12:45)

NHAES personnel assistantship programs, hiring, and HR management: What NHAES personnel programs are available? What should you know about protocols and procedures for hiring personnel? How to ensure that your lab's students and staff get paid on time, efforts are certified, and administrative issues are resolved efficiently? What resources exist to ensure an equitable and safe workplace for your lab's students and staff?

November 8


Leveraging NHAES funds to obtain external funds and the pre-approval process: What is the AES capacity funds objective to leverage external funds? What resources are available at UNH to assist with identifying and writing external grant proposals? What resources are available for working with industry? What is STAR and what are the procedures to initiate an external proposal process?

November 20


Administration of capacity (NHAES) and competitive (external) projects: What is project directors' responsibilities for fiscal management of NHAES project funds? What tools are available for managing and keeping updated about your portfolio of project funds? What accounting and financial compliance aspects that you need to be aware of?

November 29


Engaging with non-academic audiences and integration with Extension: What is the NHAES engagement and outreach mission? What is UNH Cooperative Extension, what do they do, and how do they overlap with NHAES? What are best practices to identify, engage, and communicate with non-academic stakeholders? How to develop an in-state and in-region network of stakeholders?

December 13