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Spring 2022 Semester Schedule

Seminars will be held in person in Pettee Hall G110 or available via Zoom

Seminar starts at 4:10 until 5:30 p.m.


2/21/2022 - "Strategies, Values, and Perspectives for Scaling up Values-based Food Supply Chains: A New England Ethnography" - Presented by Graduate Student Alexa Wilhelm

2/28/2022 - "Characterization of Fiber Intake, the Gut-Brain-Axis, and Glycemic Control in NH Bhutanese Refugees" - Presented by Graduate Student Brandy Moser and "The Health Benefits of Dairy Consumption for Chronic Disease" Presented by Graduate Student Sophie Kenny

3/7/2022 - "Developing Collaborative Marketing Models to Increase Public Support for New England Farms" - Presented by Analena Bruce, Food Systems, UNH

3/14/2022 - No Seminar - Spring Break

3/21/2022 - "Milk Phyto-Estrogens Concentration, Production Potential, and Nutrient Utilization in Jersey Cows Grazing Red Clover-Rich Pastures" - Presented by Graduate Student Atikur Moser, MD and "Multi-Level Barriers and Opportunities for Fiber-Rich Food Consumption in NH Hispanics" - Presented by Graduate Student Brooke Kelleher

3/28/2028 - "Establishing and Implementing a Gene Modification System for the Diploid Strawberry Model Species Fragaria iinumae" - Presented by Doctoral Candidate Mamta Kajal

4/4/2022 - "Asociations of Dietary Patterns with Brain Volume in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study" - Presented by Graduate Student Christopher Guarino and "Feeding Legume-Grass Mixtures to Dairy Cows: Effect of Milk Production, Nutrient Utilization, and Enteric Methane Emissions" - Presented by Graduate Student Adam Konopka

4/11/2022 - "Achieving Fat Flexibility in an Inflexible World - The Science Behind Whole Milk Dairy Foods" - Presented by Moises Torres-Gonzalez, Vice President of Nutrition Research, National Dairy Council

4/18/2022 - "Quantifying Phytoestrogens and their Environmental Drivers in Forage Legumes" - Presented by Doctoral Candidate Palash Mandal

4/25/2022 - "Cultural Control Tactics for Managing Spotted-Wing Drosophila (Crosophila suzukii) in Direct Market Highbush Blueberry Systems" - Presented by Graduate Student Catherine Doheny and "Do Cover Crop Mixtures Mediate Weed Seedbank Decay?" - Presented by Graduate Student Lilly Hartman

5/2/2022 - "Water Quality and Use in Dairy Production" - Presented by Paul Kononoff, University of Nebraska

5/9/2022 - "Farming System Design - Student Team Project Presentations" - Presented by Vanessa Grunkemeyer, Animal Science, UNH


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