Graduate Student Profiles

Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences student Isabella Borrero. Isabella has light-brown skin and short dark-brown hair that's cropped at her shoulders. She wears black-rimmed glasses and wears a green and white floral print top.
Isabella Borrero

I am a graduate research assistant in plant pathology working under Anna O'Brien investigating the effects of alternative soil substrates on natural disease suppression of both Rhizoctonia and Pythium in multiple floriculture species. For my master’s thesis I will be studying the microbiomes of plants in these alternative soil substrates. I will gather samples of the rhizospheres of floriculture species grown in wood fiber soils for genetic testing to identify the microbes present as well as analyzing their metabolite production. I earned my Bachelor of Science in agricultural sciences majoring in plant pathology and minoring in microbiology from The Ohio State University. When I’m not in the lab or greenhouse you can find me out for a run, painting or taking my cat Mac for a walk.

Catherine Doheny
Catherine DohenY Coverdale

I am working with Dr. Anna Wallingford investigating cultural controls of Spotted-Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) in no-spray blueberry systems. I completed my Bachelor of Science in sustainable agriculture and food systems, with an emphasis on food access and community health, at UNH.  

Outside of UNH, I act as the treasurer for Mid-New England Seacoast Association, a local chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition. I also enjoy reading, hiking, biking and skiing. I am currently living and working on the unceded ancestral lands of the Abenaki, Penacook and Wabanaki Peoples past and present who have stewarded the land through generations.  

Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences student Tamanna Islam. Tamanna has lightish-brown skin and medium-brown hair. She wears a multi-colored floral print top with bits of red, pink, yellow and light green and blue in it.
Tamanna Islam

I am Tamanna Islam, and I am from Bangladesh. I completed my bachelor's from Bangladesh Agricultural University with animal husbandry major. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in an exchange program called the Community College Initiative program. I studied animal science at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, which motivated me to enroll in higher studies at one of the U.S. universities. Currently, I am doing my master’s in agricultural science (dairy calf nutrition) under the supervision of Peter Erickson. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing agricultural science program and am looking forward to doing some innovative research on calf nutrition and immunity. When I am not doing research, you can find me painting or traveling.

Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences student Elise Neidecker. Elise has curly dark-brown hair and tan white skin. Her hair hangs down her vivid red top.
Elise Neidecker (she/her)

I earned my B.A. in sociology, French and Spanish from Kenyon College, where I focused on environmental sociology and food systems. After graduating, I worked for Global Greengrants Fund, a grassroots environmental justice funder, on regional grants management in Latin America and Central and West Africa, and with partners including the Agroecology Fund and Pesticide Action Network. At UNH, I’m supporting Analena Bruce’s research on topics like farm viability in New England and farmers’ collaborative marketing models. I am particularly passionate about grassroots local food movements and the revitalization of rural economies in the U.S., and with my partner, I hope to start a regenerative four-season vegetable farm in the coming years.

Julia Oliveira

Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences student Radhika Rani. Radhika has dark-brown skin and jet-black hair. She wears an unbuttoned button-up shirt with blue and white stripes. Underneath the shirt she wears a colorful t-shirt.
Radhika Rani

I am from Punjab, India. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant at UNH and am working under Rebecca Sideman's supervision. I graduated from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) with a Bachelor of Science in agriculture. During my undergraduate years, I studied various courses including agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, and plant breeding. Besides academics, I love dancing, embroidery and fabric painting. I was part of the college dance team at PAU. I am grateful to be a part of COLSA and UNH.

Zoe Robinson
Lydia Valentine
Joshua Addo

Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences student Muhammad Adeel Arshad. Adeel has brown skin and black hair. He has glasses with dark-brown frames. He wears a plaid-patterned shirt of light and dark blue.
Muhammad Adeel Arshad

I am from Punjab, Pakistan, and currently I am working in Andre Brito’s lab as a graduate research assistant. My research is strategically focused on ruminant nutrition with an emphasis on enhancing nitrogen utilization in lactating dairy cows through dietary manipulation to reduce the environmental impact of dairy systems. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing university and have the chance to work in a multicultural environment that would build my skills with cutting edge technologies.

Diana Reyes Gomez
Diana Reyes Gomez

Mamta Kajal
Mamta Kajal

Being a native of Punjab, I was always curious about crop cultivation. This led me to pursue Bachelor of Science in biotechnology from the best agricultural university in India, Punjab Agricultural University. I had 6 months in-house project training on tissue culture of fruits like date palm, pomegranate, mango, strawberry and citrus. I then got admitted to Master of Science in biotechnology program at the same university and did research on mapping of yellow vein mosaic virus disease resistance in okra. However, I was always eager to explore and learn new things and admired UNH for its good research. I joined UNH as an agricultural sciences doctoral student, and my research focuses on strawberry transgenics in the Davis lab. I am also thankful to the ANFS department for my graduate teaching assistantship.

Mehedi Khandakar

Palash Mandal
Palash Mandal

I was born into and brought up in a farming family in Bangladesh. I received Bachelor of Science in agriculture and Master of Science in agronomy at Sylhet Agricultural University in Bangladesh. I earned a second master’s degree in plant sciences from Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. As a teaching assistant, I support ANSC 698 – Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM). As a doctoral researcher, I am working on investigating phytoestrogens concentration in forage legumes. In my free time, I enjoy fishing and gardening. I chose UNH’s Agricultural Sciences PHD program because it complements my background, and I would like to build my career in academia after completing the program.

Atikur Rahman


I graduated from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) with a Bachelor of Science in animal husbandry. I also participated in the Community College Initiative Program, and studied animal science at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. During my time at BAU as a research assistant I was involved with several research projects that investigated insect protein (earthworm meal, black soldier fly meal) as an alternative protein source for animal feed. Currently, I am a graduate research assistant under the supervision of Dr. André Brito, and I am working to complete my Ph.D. in agricultural science (dairy cow nutrition). My research is focused on the N utilization of dairy cows and comprehensive assessment of GHG mitigation strategies through dietary intervention. I am really excited to be a part of the agricultural science program and looking forward to helping the dairy farmers through my research.  

William Sims
Master of Science in Nutrition student Jason Alme. Jason has tanned white skin, and short dark hair. He wears a dark grey sports jacket and a pinkish-red button up shirt.

Jason Alme

I graduated from University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition: dietetics and am currently completing the accelerated Master of Science in nutrition science. My passion for nutrition was kindled when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2007, and I’ve wanted to be a certified diabetes care and education specialist ever since. As a father of two young daughters, I am also keenly interested in pediatric nutrition. I currently analyze data and create reports for a medical nutrition therapy company called Good Measures, and prior to that I spent almost a decade as a health coach in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, I have two undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia. Back when I had spare time, I enjoyed reading, cooking and critical analysis of cinema.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Rachel Goding. Rachel has brown hair with tinges of purple on the ends. She has white skin and wears brown-rimmed glasses. Her shirt is purple with dots of yellow, green and red.

Rachel Goding

In May 2022, I earned a B.S. in nutrition and wellness with a minor in culinary nutrition and food studies from the University of New Hampshire. I’m currently pursuing an accelerated M.S. in nutritional sciences. I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in new experiences outside of the classroom — from studying abroad in Italy to working as a head chef at a summer camp for the American Diabetes Association. Through my time as an undergraduate TA and after completing a teaching internship with the Manchester Middle School, I developed a passion for nutrition education. I envision that my future career in the field of nutrition will also involve playing a supportive role in creating food access opportunities. Outside of academics I like to recharge by spending time in nature, whether that be a scenic hike or journaling in my hammock.

Sarah L'Italien

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Allie Maimone

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Eva Pellerin

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Grace Tomann

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Katelyn Young

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Selina Awinbisa Agandaa

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Nicholas ClaRke

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Master of Science in Nutrition student Emily Butkus. Emily has light brown skin. Her hair is a deep brown color and falls down to her elbows. She wears a cream-colored top.
Emily Butkus (MSDI)

I recently graduated from Keene State College in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in public health/nutrition. I am currently a graduate student in the master of nutritional sciences with dietetic internship program, where I am expanding my knowledge and engaging in exciting new opportunities. I have experience in food service, leadership and health promotion programming and would like to pursue all those endeavors professionally. After completing this program, my goal is to become a registered dietitian and work with individuals either through private practice or wellness coaching, as well as working within my community through nutrition education and health promotion. I would even like to create my own cookbook one day, as outside of the classroom I enjoy crafting new recipes. Overall, I want to spread accurate nutrition information that inspires others to develop habits to create healthier lifestyles for themselves.

Elise Evans
Elise Evans (MSDI)

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition within the didactic program in dietetics and a minor in psychology. I am currently completing a master’s in nutritional science and a dietetic internship here at UNH. I’ve known I wanted to go into the field of nutrition since I was in high school but after my experience volunteering with The National Eating Disorder Association and my nutrition counseling class while I was an undergraduate, I knew I was in the right place. After achieving my career goal of becoming a registered dietitian, I would love to work within the field of eating disorder treatment or more generally working with children. In my spare time I love getting outdoors and spending time in nature or learning how to cook a new recipe.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Lillian Huynh. Lillian has light brown skin. Her hair is mostly black. She wears a almond-brown top and black pants.
Lillian Huynh (MSDI)

I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in clinical nutrition. Now I am on the East Coast as a graduate student at UNH pursuing a master of nutritional science and dietetic internship. There is never a day when I do not talk about food, so nutrition has always been a passion for me. Since then, I gained bits and pieces of experience in the clinical, food service and community settings. My current goal is to become a registered dietitian and work in a clinical setting. The most rewarding part about clinical is seeing patients leaving healthier than when they came in. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, as well as trying new food places.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Abigail Moser. Abigail has tanned white skin, wears a red floral print top, has long brown hair. She is smiling.
Abby Moser (MSDI)

I graduated from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in dietetics. I decided to come to the University of New Hampshire because of their unique focus on sustainability and health. So far in this program, I have enjoyed furthering my education in sustainability, volunteering for Gather in the Food Repurposing Project kitchen and working as a teaching assistant. After I earn my master’s degree in nutrition and completing my dietetic internship, I would like to become a registered dietitian and get a job in either cardio nutrition or pregnancy nutrition. In my free time I enjoy running, trying new coffee shops and restaurants and spending time with friends and family.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Kendra Perry. Kenda has white skin, blondish-brown hair that's cropped above her shoulders. She wears a greyish-white top and has black pants on.
Kendra Perry (MSDI)

I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina where I earned my undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics from Western Carolina University. Since I was young, I always knew that I wanted to help others lead a more healthy and happy life, but I wasn’t sure what that would look like. It took me until my senior year of high school to find the field of dietetics, but I now feel that this is where I belong. I am currently in my first year of the master of nutritional sciences and dietetic internship here at the University of New Hampshire. The program’s focus on sustainability and creating innovative and open-minded professionals in the field of dietetics is what drew me to UNH. In the future, I plan to continue to travel to different areas and eventually take my knowledge and expertise back to my home state of North Carolina. I do not have a specific career path yet, but I have a passion for public outreach education programs, equal food access and infant/maternal health. As a future registered dietitian, I will strive to share my knowledge of the importance of taking care of our bodies from the inside out. I plan to take a holistic approach by appreciating all parts of overall wellness, including mental, physical and emotional health.

Jacob Pottle
Jacob Pottle (MSDI)

I received my B.S. in nutrition: dietetics from the University of New Hampshire and am currently working toward receiving my M.S. in nutritional sciences and completing my dietetic internship. My research involves estimating polyphenol consumption in the U.S. I also enjoy volunteering on campus for the Food Repurposing Project, which cooks and packages food to distribute to the community. 

Master of Science in Nutrition student Maya Stadler. Maya has white skin and brown hair, her hair cropped just below shoulder length. She wears a dark-blue top.
Maya Stadler (MSDI)

I am a recent graduate of Keene State College where I received a Bachelor of Science in public health nutrition through an accelerated undergraduate program. I am currently completing a master's of nutritional science and dietetic internship at UNH. Before starting my internship, I worked as a nutrition assistant at Cheshire Medical Center assisting patients with meal selection based on specialized diets. Additionally, I held a leadership position in the on-campus food pantry at Keene State College, with a mission to eliminate food insecurity in college students. I had the opportunity to shadow a pediatric dietitian at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth, where I discovered my interest in pediatric nutrition, as well as pre-natal and post-natal nutrition. Though I am open to many areas of the nutrition field, my professional goal is to become a registered dietitian nutritionist and see where my experiences at UNH take me. Ultimately, I hope to become a certified diabetes educator. Outside of my internship, I enjoy listening to music and spending time outdoors with my family, friends and my two dogs!

Master of Science in Nutrition student Kelli Street. Kelli has tanned white skin. She has brown hair that goes down to her chest. She wears a off-white shirt with a floral print.
Kelli Street (MSDI)

I earned a Bachelor of Science in nutrition: dietetics from the University of New Hampshire and am continuing here in the master of nutritional sciences with dietetic internship program. One of the reasons I chose this program is because it has a focus on sustainability. Not only am I interested in nutrition, but I am also in how to eat more sustainably. My goal after graduation is to become a registered dietitian in the clinical setting but my end goal is to have my own private practice. In my internship, I hope to explore the areas of eating disorders, pediatrics and diabetes. There are so many opportunities as a dietitian, so it is hard to pick one area of focus! I want to help people create healthy relationships with food, so they can eat what they love while feeling their best selves.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Amy Urban. Amy has white skin, long brown hair that reaches to her waist. She wears a purple, pink and green floral printed top. She wears glasses with brown rims.
Amy Urban (MSDI)

I graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, and earned a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics. I am currently in the master of nutrition sciences with dietetic internship here at UNH. I was drawn to this program because of its focus on sustainability as well as the unique opportunities offered to us interns. My main goal is to become a registered dietitian. I have many different interests within the field including diabetes education, community outreach and aquaculture sustainability. One day, I would like to start a diabetes education program for low-income people. I would also like to open my own private practice for nutrition counseling. I am very passionate about the happiness and health that we get from food, and I am excited to share that passion.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Lucy Ward. Lucy has tanned white skin. She has brown hair that drapes down her back. She wears a rust-colored top.
Lucy Ward (MSDI)

I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition on the dietetics track and a minor in chemistry. Before coming to UNH, I spent a few years working at a philanthropic community foundation in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. I worked with their Birth to Three Alliance on grant-funded projects, with the vision to support families with children by ensuring access to services and resources essential for development and distributing of new parent kits. I’m also on the Community Council at the Adirondack Foundation, providing insight on community issues and perspective to the board and staff. After completing the MSDI program, I hope to return to community advocacy, programming and policy as a registered dietician focused on improving food access through sustainable food systems. I'm torn between living in the mountains or near the beach and enjoy reading, swimming, thrift shopping, and cooking.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Tonya Xie. Tonya has tannish-brown skin. She has jet-black hair that falls to her elbows. She wears a blue-and-white floral print top and black pants.
Tonya Xie (MSDI)

I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science in clinical nutrition and a minor in Spanish. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in nutrition science with dietetic internship (MSDI) at UNH to become a registered dietitian. During my undergraduate studies, I got involved in a lot of leadership, volunteering and internship opportunities that got me interested in intuitive eating, cultural humility, food access and how they all intersect with nutrition. Some of my most notable experiences include being a UC Davis food pantry volunteer, food literacy and education intern and a dining services nutrition intern mentored by a registered dietitian, which all led to my interest in community nutrition and education. In addition to dietetics, I love playing guitar, making music with others, hiking and running.

Phoebe Baker

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Elizabeth Barton

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Abigail Brown

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Cassandra Dolan

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Anthony Kyriakides

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Alanna O'keefe

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Aizhe Qian

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Claire Reilly

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Kelley Shanahan

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Rawan AlsarraF

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Anne Bodenrader

I earned my first Bachelor of Arts in English from Dartmouth College in 1995 but it wasn’t until later as a parent that I discovered a passion for nutrition. I returned to the academic world to pursue an education in nutrition science at the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition: didactic program in dietetics in May 2022. I am continuing my education in pursuit of a doctoral degree in nutritional sciences here at UNH. I work as a research assistant in Sherman Bigornia’s lab investigating the impact of dairy fats on cognitive function in the Hispanic community and serve as a teaching assistant in the nutrition department. I hope to continue pursuing and contributing to the research and education fields in nutritional sciences for many years to come.

Master of Science in Nutrition student Brandy Moser. Brandy has white skin and long blonde hair that nearly reaches her waist. She wears a dark green top.
Brandy Moser

I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition, a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry and molecular biology, and a minor in public health. With 5 years of organic farming experience, I felt the interdisciplinary nature of the ANFS department at UNH would be the perfect fit. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in nutritional science and completing the dietetics graduate certificate. My research in the Dao lab is focused on analyzing fiber intake, the human microbiome and the gut-brain axis. When I am not at UNH you’ll find me hiking, cooking or on a farm.

Cindy Zheng

I grew up in China, and I hold a master’s in nutrition and exercise physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University. In 2022, I completed my 10-month dietetic internship in New York City and becomes a registered dietitian (RD). My academic interests lie in food insecurity, nutrition/food equity and food system transformation. I am excited to join Analena Bruce’s Food Systems Lab and receive interdisciplinary training at UNH. My previous work experience includes China Action Hub of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) 2021, online nutrition course design and food system course design for middle school students in Beijing. In my spare time, I love cooking from scratch (and sharing!), hosting my podcast in Mandarin and yoga.