Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Team

IHSA Team Photo

The University of New Hampshire is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and competes in the competitive Zone I, Region 2, against other schools from the northeast. IHSA is a unique form of team equestrian competition in which each competitor draws a horse provided by the host school before their ride; no schooling or warm-up of that horse by the rider is allowed. IHSA tests each rider’s ability to quickly and accurately assess their mount and ride it to the best of their ability. Teams are comprised of riders from walk-trot up to the Medal/Maclay level. Each score counts equally.

Riders also accrue individual points and may qualify to compete at the Regional and Zone Championships.

Tryouts for UNH IHSA are held once per year at the beginning of the Fall semester. Membership is open to full-time undergraduate students at the University of New Hampshire or the Thompson School of Applied Science. Riders must be enrolled in ANSC 402 (Horsemanship) or have taken the course at least twice previously to be eligible to try out. Incoming freshmen who are interested in trying out for the team are strongly encouraged to enroll in the earliest orientation session possible to increase their chances of getting a slot in ANSC 402 during their first semester.

The UNH Equestrian Team is entirely self-funded, and members are required to complete fundraising obligations for each semester. Also, riders must pay to join the IHSA each academic year.

2020/2021 Schedule Dates

Fall Semester
  • October - Athletic Equestrian League Virtual Collegiate Show (results)
  • November - Athletic Equestrian League Virtual Collegiate Show (results)

Contact Information

Coach Christina Keim

UNH IHSA Team Roster
  • Cailey Archer
  • Kaalie Dawson
  • Carolyn Dixon
  • Amelia Finnell
  • Rachael Hickey
  • Kat Kilcommons
  • Julianna Kinslow
  • Jillian Lawrence  "Co-captain"
  • Ashley Masse
  • Olivia McCarren
  • Tessa Molloy   "Co-captain"
  • Fay Brown Morrison
  • Ashtyn Myers
  • Jessica Oswald    "Co-captain"
  • Sophia Pagliazzo
  • Maeve Perrin
  • Bailey Prasad
  • Katherine Schmidt
  • Bella Williams
  • Kyah Woodland
Year End Results
  • 2020 Regional Champion Team
  • 2016 Regional Reserve Champion Team
  • 2015 Regional Reserve Champion Team
  • 2014 Regional Reserve Champion Team
  • 2013 Regional Champion Team, Zone I Reserve Champion Team, 10th Place IHSA Nationals (Harrisburg, PA)
  • 2012 Regional Champion Team, 3rd Place Zone I Championships
  • 2011 Regional Champion Team, Zone I Reserve Champion Team, 10th Place IHSA Nationals (Lexington, KY)
  • 2010 Regional Reserve Champion Team
  • 2009 Regional Reserve Champion Team